Vaynespotting Guide – What It Is & Rules! – UPDATED 2020

Vaynespotting Guide,

Have you ever had that one Vayne who keeps going into 1v5s and does other shenanigans just because she thinks she can fight them all? Well I got a very fun little game for you called “Vaynespotting”

What is Vaynespotting?

Well now after reading the introduction you all must be thinking “what is Vaynespotting?” and this Vaynespotting guide will tell you what that just is.

Vaynespotting is a fun new game in the League of Legends community where you take a terrible experience with a bad Vayne who thinks he/she is Faker into a fun little game. Basically, every time the Vayne does something extremely Vayne-esque (or “Vaynes out,”) such as 1v5 everybody or try to outplay everyone and go into fights they could not win all hyped up on the Faker juice, you get a certain number of points based on what happens.

The scoring works like this:
– What your Vayne did
– Multiplied with the number of Enemies they did it into
– Multiplied by what they gave up to do it
– Multiplied by what they said in chat after that.

Every action, cost, and chat statement has a different multiplier value! For example: say your Vayne flashes under their tower 1v3, dies without getting the kill, and blames your team’s jungler. Let’s score it!

Flashing: 2x
Tower Dive: 2x
Three Enemies: 3x
Jungle Blame: 2x

TOTAL: 24 and that is just for one interaction. The Vayne will do many more “plays” like this and will rack up all those Vaynespot points.

Vaynespotting Points

Every single action has a point and the whole list is given below. Use them to calculate the total points acquired by Vaynespotting!

What they did :
Ulted in – 2x
Saved an enemy with Condemn – 3x
Takes Turret Aggro – 2x
Ult+Tumble – 3x
Random split pushing with no vision – 3x
Flash – 4x
Getting a Kill – 0.5x
Getting 2 or more Kills – 0x
Taking an objective – 0x

How many Enemies:
1v2 – 2x
1v3 – 3x
1v4 – 4x
1v5 – 5x
2v4 or 2v5 – 2x
Anything else – 1x

What it cost the team:
Teamfight – 2x
Dragons – 2x
Rift Herald – 2x
Baron – 3x
Elder Dragon – 3x
Any turret – 2x
Inhibitor – 3x
Nexsus – 4x

Remarks in chat:
“I’m done” – 2x
“Gg” – 2x
“Gg EZ” – 3x
“AFK” -3x
Actually goes AFK – 6x
“BG” – 4x
Any statement blaming top lane – 4x
Any statement blaming mid lane – 3x
Any statement blaming jungle – 2x
Any statement blaming support – 1x (No multiplier as this is assumed)
Any statement taking responsibility – 0x

Vaynespotting Rules

If you are wondering if there are any Vaynespotting Rules well fear not, as there are NO rules. That is right, this is a fun little game and you can modify it as you wish! These are just a set of guidelines but you can add more multipliers or remove them or heck you can even use Vaynespotting on any other Champion too. It is all up to you as this is a fun little game to play when premade or just having a bad game in general.

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Well, now you know exactly what to do when your friend says “I’m a god at Vayne” or decides to play Vayne, VAYNESPOTTING!

Written by Jusjeet

Passionate League of Legends player whose goal is to provide you with the best League of Legends News