Best Vel’Koz ARAM Build in Season 12

Vel'Koz is one of those champions that can perform very well in any given role. Except in the jungle, please don't try playing him in the jungle in your ranked games... In this guide we've analyzed the best builds for him in ARAM.

Welcome to our guide on how to best build Vel’Koz in ARAM in season 12 of League of Legends! Here we will take a look at which runes you should pick up before every game, as well as which items you should buy while you’re playing. If you’ve never mastered Vel’Koz as a champion or you have never given him a chance, now is the time to do so!

In truth, Vel’Koz is one of the strongest champions that you can get in ARAM, and here is why. 

First of all, Vel’Koz possesses an unbelievable amount of damage! His passive – Organic Deconstruction gives him a true damage effect, something that most other mage champions simply lack. All of his active abilities have an incredible amount of range, making him a very safe pick for all sorts of situations! And not to mention the crowd control through his Q and E!

Among the few weak points to playing Vel’Koz is that of his defensiveness. He is a squishy champion and a very easy one to eliminate once enemies get close enough. Plus, his abilities require at least some skill at aiming in League of Legends, and if you aren’t great at this, Vel’Koz may feel very underwhelming to you.

However, skill shots can be practiced and mastered. The important thing to understand here is that if you give Vel’Koz a chance, you can truly become seriously dangerous in LoL. But, you won’t become truly OP without the best build for Vel’Koz in ARAM in season 12!

Best Runes for Vel’Koz in ARAM

Arcane Comet

Vel’Koz’s real strength comes from his poking. Since his abilities have such a long-range, your mission is to spam them as much as possible, at least in ARAM. Arcane Comet fits perfectly into this idea by providing one more poking tool. The actual comet is very easy to hit since Vel’Koz’s Q has a slow effect attached.

Manaflow Band

Manaflow Band is an absolute must-have rune for Vel’Koz. It provides an insane amount of mana and mana regeneration, which is more than enough to get you through the early game.


Like many mages, Vel’Koz becomes a beast with the ability haste. The more of it you acquire, the more frequently you can throw your spells and destroy your opponents! Well, Transcendence is a free ability haste buff that you benefit from throughout the game, so always pick it up!

Gathering Storm

Gathering Storm isn’t the most useful rune in ARAM since it slowly builds your power and the games aren’t usually 40 minutes long. However, it is very strong on Vel’Koz because he needs every bit of AP that he could get. Vel’Koz’s abilities scale exceptionally well with ability power, so any source is highly appreciated!

Eyeball Collection

And Eyeball Collection is chosen for the same exact purposes! It is among the few other runes that provide flat AP since the start of the game, so we always select it!

Relentless Hunter

The next best rune in the Domination tree for Vel’Koz is Relentless Hunter. Since Vel’Koz doesn’t have any movement ability, the flat movement speed makes him a viable champion to play. If you feel like you won’t need a lot of peeling, then Ultimate Hunter or Ravenous Hunter might be good options too.


The bonus runes for Vel’Koz in ARAM never change. Two Adaptive Force runes should always be locked in whenever you get this champion, as well as an Armor rune for defensiveness!

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Best items for Vel’Koz in ARAM

Luden’s Tempest

The mythic item that pairs the best with Vel’Koz’s playstyle is Luden’s Tempest. This item is seriously nuts when you take into consideration that it boosts all of Vel’Koz’s aspects! It provides him with mana and mana regeneration, then ability haste, and then extra AOE damage whenever he hits an enemy for the first time. This is such a crucial part of Vel’Koz’s build that no one can imagine playing this champion without it!

Sorcerer’s Shoes

Sorcerer’s Shoes are the strongest boots upgrades for Vel’Koz because of the magic penetration. You’re going to need it as much as possible for closing the game, especially against tanky team composition.

Demonic Embrace

Demonic Embrace is the next core to Vel’Koz’s build. It burns enemies based on their maximum HP and can be an insane source of damage throughout the game. And because Vel’Koz can spam his abilities left and right, it is very easy for him to get the full benefit out of this item.


Morellonomicon is a scary addition to Vel’Koz’s power. Draining enemy champions without giving them the option to heal can give you some free wins when you play this champion. The Grievous Wounds effect is simply too valuable to pass on on any mage, so always purchase Morellonomicon!

Zhonya’s Hourglass

Zhonya’s Hourglass is the first defensive option that Vel’Koz should get. The Stasis active is extremely useful in all sorts of situations, allowing you to outplay your opponents every 2 minutes. It also provides you with armor, ability power, and ability haste, which are some of the most needed stats for Vel’Koz!

Rabadon’s Deathcap

And Rabadon’s Deathcap is the last item that you should get as Vel’Koz. It’s very good for closing out games since it almost doubles your AP and thus lets you win team fights more easily. It’s also very easy to purchase this item in ARAM, so make sure you do it every game!

Summoner’s Spells

The best Summoner’s Spells choices for Vel’Koz in ARAM are Flash and Heal. Flash is absolutely a necessary part of playing immobile champions like Vel’Koz. And Heal helps you with staying alive since Vel’Koz doesn’t have any defensive ability. However, you can opt for Clarity if you have supports like Soraka in your team!

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