How Does Void Staff Actually Work?

Ah, the Void Staff. According to League of Legends Wiki, this is a legendary item that costs 2800 gold. Designed for mage champions who rely on ability power, it gives your champion +65 ability power and +45 magic resistance. But, how strong Void Staff really is and how strongly it affects the champion’s strength, read below in our little guide for all those who use this special item.

Void Staff – The Ultimate Guide

Void Staff consists of these items: Blighting Jewel + Blasting Wand and 700 Gold. In V11.23 Patch, the total cost was increased, so it is no longer 2700 Gold; now it is 2800 Gold (combine cost was increased from 600 Gold to 700 Gold). 

Void Staff deals pure damage, and you can often see it on Mid lane for Mage champions, such as Lux, Ahri, or Annie. However, you won’t go wrong if you choose Void Staff to build of Karthus, Rumble, Evelynn, Elise, or Veigar. Of course, you can always try to build it on another champion.

Champions who rely on ability power should have this item in their build, especially if they want to defend themselves from tanky enemy champions. Void Staff also stacks with other magic penetration abilities and items, so it’s an excellent choice to buy it. Buying Void Staff is also good when you have to fight enemy champions who stock up on a lot of magic resistance.

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Magic Penetration and Magic Resistance – a short recap

To better understand what Void Staff does, it’s important to remember what Magic Penetration and Magic Resistance are. Magic Penetration is the statistic of a champion. It is known how much of the target’s Magic Resistance will be ignored when an enemy champion deals magic damage. On the other hand, Magic Resistance reduction reduces the target’s Magic Resistance by an amount of percentage for some time period. Also, all champions have 0 base Magic Penetration which can be built with runes, items, or champion abilities.

How Does the Void Staff Work?

A brief reminder: every champion has armor and magic resistance stats. Your champion gets extra magic resistance or armor by purchasing defensive items in the shop—something like bonus resistance. Void Staff has a role to basically ignore 35% of the overall value of magic resistance. For example, if a champion has 100% of magic resistance, Void Staff will reduce his magic resistance to 65%.  

Magic damage dealt is increased by a factor of: 11.59% at 30 magic resistance; 29.03% at 100 magic resistance; 42.86% at 200 magic resistance. But be careful, you should not buy it as the first item, Void Staff scale with ability power so for its most significant effect you should buy it only as 3rd, 4th or even 5th item. Buy it, mainly if your enemy champion builds a lot of magic resistance. 

Void Staff can be pretty useless if opposing champions have low magic resistance, and with minions as well. So, it cannot be suitable for farming, but as a late-game item, it can help your champion and team to win the match. However, when the opponent’s champion reaches more than 90 of magic resistance, Void Staff becomes a powerful weapon. I can also dare to say that Void Staff can be the highest damage item you can buy, besides Rabadon’s Deatchap, for comparison.

 Although given the recent updates, Void Staff does have the most significant damage and gold efficiency compared to other items. Mostly against tanky enemy champions, which we have already mentioned.

According to the third-party site,, the Void Staff has 54.59% Winrate, and among the champions, with the highest winrate, there are: Galio, Kassadin, Kog’Maw, Kayle, Nunu & Willump, and others.

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Final Thoughts 

The Void Staff is an item that comes to the fore in late-game, so it is not recommended to buy as a 1st item. It is known as the legendary League of Legends item consisting of Blighting Jewel, Blasting Wand, and 700 gold. His total price is 2700 Gold. The Void Staff gives your champion + 65% ability power and + 45% magic penetration. 

This 45% magic penetration given by Void Staff becomes more significant when the magic resistance of the enemy champion increases. It is intended against tanky champions, and in its build, it is used by champions like Lux, Annie, Galio, Nunu & Willump, and others. It’s not bad to have Void Staff even when your champion has to fight enemy champions who have a high percentage of magic resistance. 

Also, it’s great to have it when the enemy team starts to build magic resistance. In conclusion, you should buy Void Staff as 3rd, 4th, or even 5th item; in the late game, it will be very powerful against tanky champions, and your champion can be an unstoppable force with it.

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