5 Ways Smurfing Improves you on League of Legends

Here are some quick ways on how Smurfing can actually improve your skills and eventually help you climb the ranked ladder faster.

In League of Legends, it’s common to find someone with a Smurf account. Smurfing means that an individual has created a second account to play LoL. Why would someone want to play LoL on another account? Why have more than one account? In this article, we will discuss some ways smurfing can improve you on League of Legends.

There are two main types of smurf accounts:

  • Elo Smurfs – This is for high-ranked players that are trying to disguise their levels and skills. 
  • Low-Level Smurfs – Players looking for less competition and just want to play LoL to have fun are in this category. 

Now, let’s take a look at some of the ways smurfing improves you on League of Legends…

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5. You Can Change Your Roles Up

Most gamers have a role that they choose over the rest, such as the healing role. Even if there isn’t a particular role you prefer over the other, if you want to climb in ranked, you need to pick a lane to main.

Let’s say since the beginning of the game, you have been a top laner, but now, you’d like the opportunity to branch out and learn other roles. It’s always a good idea to learn what to do across the different lanes because when you’re on your actual account, you’ll know what to expect of your teammates. Sure, you could always try different roles on your regular account, but by doing this, you’re risking losing a rank.

If you don’t want to put your rank at the list, then a secondary account would be a great idea. 

4. Gives you the Opportunity to Try Out New Tactics

You learn new tactics by experimenting, right? However, you may not want to experiment on your regular account, and that’s where a smurf accounts will come into play. With a smurf account, you can jump right in and play against real ranked players without worrying about your rank going down. 

3. Playing in Different Regions

Playing in different regions does have its advantages. For starters, you will get to experience new players, which is always exciting. Along with this, you will also learn new metas and tactics. Do people in Korea play the same as people in North America? Not at all. In fact, we’ve noted that when we play our matches in the Asian region, we’re dealing with more aggressive teams, making the matches shorter. 

Look at EUW – this is one of the hardest regions in the game, and by playing on it, it can teach you more than you’d ever know about League of Legends. Point blank, by playing on a different server, you’re going to be going up against highly skilled players, which will put your skills to the test.

2. No One Will Know Who You Are

If you’re a Gold player, your team will expect quite a bit out of you, and if you fall short of those expectations, you might get told about it by 4 random people. 

Plus, your friends won’t even know you’re on. Surely you have “that” guy on your friend’s list. You know, the one that invites you as soon as you pop online. He’s not so good at the game, but he’ll tell you that he’s the best LoL player on the block. This is the type of thing that will cause that Elo to decline. If that happens, here’s a quick tutorial on how to get out of Elo hell.

By playing on a smurf account, you will be able to play the game without worrying that you’re upsetting your friend. 

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1. To Have Fun

This is my reaction when I see that someone says playing League of Legends is fun

You may have experienced what we refer to as “ranked burnout,” and when this happens, League of Legends doesn’t seem all that fun. You find yourself winning, but that rush of euphoria that you once got is no longer there, …not this season. All you experience is a tad bit of relief that you didn’t lose.

When you have a smurf account, you will be able to focus on having fun without stressing over losing the game. You can play with your friends (if you want to), without any stress, and we all know that fear of failure is a major enjoyment killer. 

If Smurf Accounts are So Good, Why isn’t Everyone Smurfing? 

We understand your concern – if smurf accounts are so good, why doesn’t everyone on League of Legends have a smurf account? Simply because getting an account to level 30 can be time-consuming. In order to get the account to level 30, it would take some time, but in the end, it’s worth it. However, not everyone has that amount of time to level up a second account, and that’s why many people just end up buying it. If you’re one of those people, here are the best websites to buy smurf account in 2023!


Now that you know many of the reasons why people choose smurf accounts on League of Legends, you may want to get one for yourself. 

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