5 Best AP Assassins in League of Legends

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Katarina has a good laning phase that can win against most opponents. However, some on this list can likely beat her in Lane but can never snowball as fast and easy as she does. Snowballing is a reoccurring theme with assassins. Their items are not too expensive, and getting kills is super easy considering their kits were tailored around it.



Ekko is a strong mage Assassin that can be pretty difficult to Lane against. He has a nice, though a bit difficult to land, poke, and can close gaps easily with his E. His W is a skill-shot shield and can be a stun if he catches you in the area. The stun seemingly lasts forever, so be advised and stay away from it when you see it.



Diana can be very difficult to play against, and that’s an understatement. If you’re a melee Champion, especially one that has a poor early game, expect to be tossed around the Lane like you were nothing but a toy. She can keep her distance and deal constant, low cooldown damage with her Q. It’s a great poke and is not easy to dodge once you’re in range.



kali is a solid Champion to play as, though perhaps not so intuitive. Her kit is fairly straightforward, and you have the mobility to do the classic in-and-out tactic without breaking a sweat. Her damage, like the rest on the list, is remarkable. She will often take the Conqueror rune, allowing her to heal for days and make your life miserable.



Evelynn prowls the darkness of the Rift and strives within it. Until level 6, she will be completely visible to everyone at all times. Level 6 comes by fast, so prepare to be ganked into oblivion. Evelynn is what I like to call – an executor.  This means her entire purpose is to finish you off without using too many spells. Yes, she has her W purported for ganks and utility, but her E and R are well enough to do the job most of the time.

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