5 Best AP Top Laners  in League of Legends

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If you want to have an easy time in the top lane, then Malphite is your best choice. Yes, technically, he is a tank, but nothing stops you from going for a pure ability power build. All of Malphite's abilities scale with AP and deal an insane amount of damage, especially his ultimate. More specifically, an AP Malphite has one of the strongest bursts in the entire League of Legends!



One advantage that Kennen has over many other AP champions is the fact that he doesn't use mana. The energy resource is a much more flexible tool, especially in the early game. Because of it, Kennen can start each match with Doran's Blade and give more power to his auto-attacks.



One thing that players struggle the most here is adapting to Sylas's playstyle in the top lane. You see, Sylas works brilliantly against mages in the mid lane. And there, he can be as aggressive as he wants. But in the top lane, you can't simply duel Darius as Sylas because you're always going to lose. Instead, you must find ways to poke him and trade with him only when the situation allows. For example, you can draw him on your tower, so he gets an extra turret shot.



Many players aren't aware of it, but Cassiopeia's Miasma is one of the most broken abilities in League of Legends. This is the purple poison that she throws on the ground. And any enemy inside of the poison is slowed and cannot use movement abilities such as dash or jump. And this also includes Flash! So, Jax and the rest of the lot are always at a disadvantage when trying to fight Cassiopeia.



First of all, Heimerdinger is a ranged champion, which is already an advantage in the top lane. Second, Heimerdinger has both damage and crowd control. And third, no one can't fight Heimderdinger in a 1v1 duel. Heimer's tool kit is simply made to counter the top lane role. By placing his turrets in the lane, he ensures that he can't lose.

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