5 Best Champions in Bronze

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Diana is a champion that does require some skill to get her right, but she compensates that beautifully since she is the strongest champion in the meta right now. Diana is brutal and focused on AP and attack speed since it is in the great harmony of scaling ap and her passive. The faster you attack, the more chances you shredding your opponent with every third basic attack.




The beauty of Sett is his simple mechanics. He is a melee champion whose all abilities have to do with boxing somebody, or should I say, knocking him out. Everything revolves around Sett’s fists since they are his primary weapon. And since he is that simple to play with, you won’t have a problem getting used to his abilities. Instead, you can farm with ease, with you not likely to miss much of the CS since his basic attacks are damn strong as well.



Morgana is a great champion both for mid-lane and support, although I must admit that I prefer playing her in the support role since she lacks the mobility that I prefer to have with my midlaners. She is most definitely one of the strongest supports in the game, but instead of healing, she focuses on utility.



Malza is one of my favorite champions in the whole game. I adore everything about him. First of all, his looks, I mean what is he? A void-born wizard that floats around the map and summons little spider-like creatures. I mean, come on! And the purple in his kit, I adore purple. He is a great champion for every single tier there is.


Ashe is one of the oldest League’s champions, and like many others from this list, it is a champion that players really have learned to play her over the years. She has been reworked a couple of times, but her simple kit has almost always stayed 80% the same. Her ult never changed much, nor did her W. When I think about it, neither did her E. The only abilities that were reworked were P and Q.


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