5 Best Duo Queue Combos in LoL

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Ziggs has been a long-time popular pick in the bot lane thanks to his incredible burst potential and insane wave clears. He can also scale pretty hard given that he farms nicely and is peeled all the time, that is why Alistar is a great combo for Ziggs as he can simply headbutt most champions for Ziggs to easily hit his bombs. Alistar also has the head butt that he can use to keep strong enemies away from Ziggs.

Ziggs & Ali

Lillia & MF


Lilia and MF are both AOE champions that can influence even the entire champion pool of the enemy team. Lilia’s jungle wave clear is pretty fast meaning she can gank lanes as early as 3 minutes in, but the real combo here starts when they both reach level 6.

Nami & Lucian


Next up is a combo most of us veteran players know, this combo has been used for almost the entire time of League of Legends simply because their spells really just synergize that well. Nami is an enchanter and a caster at the same time, both qualities that Lucian needs to pop off. She can speed Lucian up every time she casts her utility spells on him.

Yuumi & Twitch


This combo has been used and abused for a while now, the Rat + Cat combo is just so strong and extremely unpredictable. The only way you can counter this is through oracle lenses or control wards, that is if it’s not already too late. This is a very strong combo and it can even be used to flank enemies from early to late game. This combo remains strong throughout the game given that they both don’t die pointlessly.


Now, this combo is just disgustingly good when it comes to early game carrying and backline access abuse. Camille has one of the best backline access abilities coming from her ultimate to isolate of the carries in the enemy’s backline, she can ult a target and keep everybody away from that champion.

Camille & Galio

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