5 Best Female Players in League of Legends

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Her skills are up to par since she has been playing since season 2. Nowadays, she can also be seen enjoying a good amount of Lulu gameplay in her ranked endeavors. MissBaffy hasn’t appeared on any Esports platform, but her skills are respectable. Additionally, she streams almost daily on Twitch and has amassed around 103k followers – as of July 2023.




Ksenia “Trianna” Meshcheryakova started her League career by joining the Vaevictis as a team manager in 2016. In 2018, Vaevictis Esports played in the Russian LCL League but did not acquire any major success due to bankruptcy resulting in the dismissal of all the players. This surprisingly led to the creation of an all-female team for Vaevictus – where Trianna played as a support.



Maya “Caltys” Henckel doesn’t have a substantial career in the competitive side of League of Legends. Nevertheless, she is still considered one of the best female League of Legends players of all time. Caltys began her career in 2018 – mostly maining bot-lane AD carries, occasionally transitioning to jungler and top laners.



Mayumi is a support main, and her most played champions are Nautilus and Leona. Since August 2019, Brazilian INTZ has won several championships due to her piloting the support role like a prodigy. But soon, in 2020, she left the organization due to discrimination and mistreatment. Since then, she has joined TSM as a full-time streamer and content creator and now spends her days idling around in her Twitch streams.


Iman “Pokimane” needs no introduction. She is one of the most successful streamers as of 2023 and continues to prosper by streaming multiple games daily. However, she hasn’t been streaming or uploading any League content on YouTube, as the most recent League-related upload on her channel was over 3 years ago. Nonetheless, she still remains one of the most popular and influential League of Legends players of all time while being an inspiration for many female streamers.


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