5 Best Hybrid Champions in LoL

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Akali is a well-known AP Fighter/Assassin that only knows how to grow in power. She scales exceptionally well and is perfectly viable on Top and the Mid Lane. Her fighting skills are nothing short of amazing. Mobile, with high base stats and excellent sustain, Akali can fight for what seems an eternity.




This infamous marksman has been the bane of every Mid and Bot Lane player’s existence. With insane damage, non-existent cooldowns, and overall dominance, Ezreal can singlehandedly win games. He can one-shot people, harass them, zone… There’s almost nothing in the game that this Champion cannot do.



Ah, my favorite Champion. Though I might be severely biased towards this Champion, I always attempt to highlight his flaws as much as I do the good stuff. And I beg to argue that the good outweighs the bad by a long shot. Jax wouldn’t enjoy the notoriety and popularity in all skill levels if it didn’t. Some of the best builds for Jax have come out of the Korean Challenger division, which is enough to tell you how much potential Jax has.



She employs both AD and AP to the fullest, amplifying her spells with some stat. Her Q scales off of damage, W is reserved for AP, and her E is buffed by attack speed. Her scaling is exceptional and will propel Kai’Sa into insanity by the 20-minute mark. As impressive as she is deadly, Kai’Sa is genuinely an incredible hybrid Champion.


Similar to Kai’Sa, this is yet another true hybrid Champion. Kayle focuses on her auto attacks, which scale insanely well from both AD and AP. The more of both she has, the better, and maintaining a healthy balance is paramount. Kayle will continuously pummel you to death with her insane basic attacks that even damage those around you.


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