5 Best Junglers Against Squishy Teams

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Kha’Zix has been, for a couple of Seasons now, the staple Assassin Jungler. He is at the Top of the Jungling game right now, and he will likely remain so for the foreseeable future. His high damage, mobility, and general prowling nature make him one of the most dangerous Champions in the game.




Rengar’s anti-squishy sentiment profits predominantly from his mobility. Primarily, he will use the pounce mechanic to jump on targets from bushes. This means that Rengar will focus on playing the trapping game, similar to Kha’Zix, if but slightly different. While Kha has the isolate mechanic, Rengar is incentivized by the nature of his character and kit.



Evelynn is a prowling hunter, a common theme of this list. She employs her invisibility, charms, and brutally high ability damage to eliminate her foes. Against squishy targets, Evelynn can be pretty lethal, and people are advised to beware whenever they see her in the opposing team. She is one of my favorite Junglers out there, and this anti-squishy performance is just a part of the reason why.



Kayn is among the best of Junglers in recent Seasons. Season 11 was especially his era of dominance, and he was consistently on the Top of all tier lists. However, he did fall off a little in these recent pre-Season patches, though not too much. He will always be a viable Jungler pick, no matter what position on tier lists he holds. But I digress. Let’s see why he’s just so good against squishy teams.


Vi’s high damage and capability to scale with lethality are insane and will make short work of any squishy that comes in her path. With just a quick combination of Q, W, and E, Vi can disintegrate the average squishy Champion. She becomes the team-fighting beast we all know and love with her AOE and can easily take on multiple opponents.


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