5 Best Off Meta ADCs

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Let’s start this list off with a champion that – while not common – isn’t unheard of in the ADC role. Thresh has a lot going for him. Thresh is a champion that’s great for short bursts of trading blows because of how Flay works. The passive part makes it hurt whenever he has it charged up.



While Senna was originally meant as a support, the way her kit works just makes her an excellent ADC as well. She scales better than Thresh into the late game by freeing souls through Absolution. The more you free souls, the more bonuses you get. This gives a host of useful stats throughout the laning phase. Piercing Darkness is a poke with a built-in heal, which alleviates a bit of the burden off of your support. Last Embrace is a decent CC that could potentially root more than one target.




Ziggs is on this list for the same general reason Xerath is. He hurts. A lot. All of his abilities were designed with one thing in mind: damage. His passive, Short Fuse, empowers his basic attacks that are cooled down much faster when using abilities. When you consider how spammable Bouncing Bomb hurts, it’s downright terrifying.

Twisted Fate


Over the years Twisted Fate has seen a lot of experimental builds. While he’s more commonly suited for mid lane because of how accessible the other lanes are through his ultimate ability Destiny, a lot of the reasons you play him mid translate well to the bot lane, especially when the laning phase is over. He farms fast with Loaded Dice, has great poke with Wild Cards, and Stacked Deck is arguably better suited for an ADC Twisted Fate compared to an AP Mid one.



This is going to be a bit straightforward. Yone can dish out a lot of damage while being very mobile himself. I think we can all agree that a fed Yone is disgusting to play against. He dishes out a lot of damage early on with all his skills, all of which are spammable because of the lack of mana. Soul Unbound allows him to go for crazy dives that other champions would otherwise not be able to attempt, all without fear of being CC’d.

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