Top 5 Best Off Meta Mid Laners  in LoL

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We start this list with a highly popular League of Legends crocodile, Renekton. Renekton has pretty much everything he needs to succeed in the mid lane. He has a high burst damage, sustain, crowd control, and most importantly, a dash that gets him out of the troubles or secure the kill.

Master Yi


Master Yi used to be the most broken mid lane meta pick in the game, but ever since Riot removed AP scaling from his Alpha Strike (Q), he was never the same. However, League players have found out that he can still be played in the mid lane with a full lethality build, and he’s especially dangerous in the late game.



Even though he wasn’t a popular mid lane pick before, Lucian is now one of the most picked ADC in the mid lane. Players have seen the best success with him in the mid lane if they rush Galeforce because of the high mobility it provides. Lucian is a different breed of ADC because he can burst enemy champions like no one else.



Cho’Gath is one of the most complete champions in the game. He has a little bit of everything going for him. He has an amazing sustain, and if he catches you with his Rupture (Q) in the late game you’re pretty much dead because he’ll oneshot you.



It's very rare to see an ADC succeeding in the mid lane, but Caitlyn did just that. Players have found out that you can become a real assassin with Caitlyn if you build lethality on her, and that quickly became a thing. However, if you're playing in high elo, we don't really recommend you to try that in your ranked games.

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