5 Best On-Hit Champions  in League of Legends

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Starting things off with an unusual pick is Freljord’s finest warrior. This eternal bane of everyone’s existence has been the go-to on-hit pick for years now. I sometimes forget just how old this game and this Champion is. Tryndamere has naturally high AD. Up until Season 11, you’d build Statikk Shiv as your first item to amplify your already strong attacks. The inexpensiveness of this item made a full-on-hit build Tryndamere a menace.



Rengar is an Assassin and embodies the role quite well. A natural jungler, he’ll stalk your lanes and likely keep to the bushes so he can jump at the right time to deal massive damage. That first blow he lands when he jumps with his Q is crucial for the direction of the fight.

Master Yi


There is no nerf that can fix this Champion in any actual capacity. His kit is too strong to deal with. Apart from granting him True Damage, his E also passively increases his AD. The true damage comes as salt to the wound. With proper movement speed items and Ghost, he can run down opponents with zero effort and, if he has life steal, he’ll be almost impossible to kill. There’s a reason why he’s the king of Pentakills.



Kai’Sa is a Champion that strives off of hybrid items – Guinsoo, Nashor’s tooth, etc. You will need attack speed to utilize her powerful explosive basic attacks correctly. Fleet footwork is a no-brainer with this Champion, although Hail of Blades is an excellent option for landing extra attacks to proc those stacks.



Jax, the Grandmaster at Arms. There is no other Champion in the game whose title fits them more. Jax’s entire kit is built around on-hit effects, and it’s kind of his thing, really. Without on-hit items, Jax would not even be a pick in this game. He’d be one of the worst Champions, actually.

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