5 Best Scaling Mid Lane Champions

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Viktor’s early game is slow but not weak. He isn’t at an absurd level of power right off the bat, though he will get there eventually. By upgrading his item, he also upgrades everything on his kit. He’s more or less a textbook scaling Champion, having the mechanic built into his abilities by default.




He starts weak, with relatively long cooldowns and poor Mana availability. Farming and leveling is Kassadins’ primary goal in the early game. Even when he gets to level 6, it isn’t his power spike. It’ll have a long cooldown, insignificant damage, and an insane Mana cost. After he builds his mythic item, Kassadin starts picking up pace – rapidly. It will take him only a few kills and levels to get him to a formidable level of power, one that only continues growing as the game progresses.



Vladimir, like Kassadin, isn’t a scaler by default. However, with how his damage and might increase with each passing minute – he was bound to be included on this list. He has a much stronger early game, capable of pressuring his opponent quite a bit. With great sustain, damage and abilities, Vladimir is a well-rounded Champion that’s strong from start to finish.



Yone’s early, mid and late games are all equally impressive. He starts off strong, not that much, but he still can do some heavy lifting. By the mid-game, after buying his mythic and maybe more, Yone becomes a nearly unkillable beast. His late-game needs almost no comment, as it’s something that I’ve never seen in my 9 years of playing League.


As Anivia gets some levels and items, she becomes a formidable mage who can do quite a lot. Her E will be more than a nuke, able to deal hundreds if not thousands of damage in a single cast. The Ultimate is a fantastic team fight spell with excellent utility and damage. Anivia also has the annoying passive skill that allows her to be much more aggressive than the usual Champion.


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