5 Best Supports for Draven in Season 12

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One of the most notable things about Thresh is his crowd control. His long-range Q can catch enemies off guard and help Thresh bounce them back with E or slow them down with R. This allows Draven to continually hit their opponents until they die. One of the biggest weaknesses of Draven is the inability to CC targets, so Thresh solves that in a way.



The most important thing that Nami brings to this combo is her heal. This is both a defensive and an offensive ability since the healing wave bounces off both allies and enemies. Experienced Nami players will always look to damage enemies while healing their allies. And since Draven doesn’t have any poke damage except his auto-attacks, this is great for trading early on in lane.




Blitzcrank and Draven have a very similar playstyle to Thresh and Draven. But Blitzcrank is a much simpler champion than his support rival so the combo between him and Draven is way easier to execute. For example, the easiest way to get a kill as Blitzcrank and Draven is to pull someone towards you with Q and knock him up with E. This is enough crowd control for any stage of the game, simply because of how much damage Draven can do. 



Draven likes being aggressive, but he doesn’t have the biggest of ranges, meaning he often finds himself getting slapped back when he goes in to poke a bit. Soraka will help mitigate any sort of damage Draven receives in such trades. Another sweet trading tool Soraka brings to the table is her silence.



I guess we can summarize and say Draven quite enjoys a support that has a hook. Similar to the hooking supports above, Nautilus has good engage potential and can lock a target down for Draven to fling axes at the target. His point and click ult serves as a fantastic initiation tool, especially if Nautilus is able to follow up with his Q and passive root. As a natural tank, Nautilus is able to soak up a lot of retaliation damage for Draven.

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