5 Biggest Rivals in League of Legends

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Shen and Zed used to be under the same master Kinkou. After Kinkou assumed a pacifist stance in the war, Zed decided on a coup and killed Kinkou who was also Shen’s father. Shen still continues on his father’s legacy to perform their sacred mission and be the leader of the Kinkou Order while Zed started the Order of the Shadow and got in the way of Shen’s mission thus having a famous rivalry.

Shen & Zed

Nasus & Ren


Nasus and Renekton are brothers who are now sworn enemies. At the time of Nasus’s ascension, Renekton was sealed off. A magus made Renekton think that Nasus sealed him on purpose to only ascend himself due to jealousy and this made Renekton furious at Nasus and now he wishes to kill Nasus to take revenge on him.

Kassa & Malz


Alistar is one of the highest “skill” supports in the game as the difference between a good Alistar and a bad Alistar is astronomical, to say the least. Consequently, when a good Alistar is paired with a Nilah, his standard combo can be easily followed by her “e into r into q and a couple of autos into boom you are dead” combo.

Morg & Kayle


Born sisters but so different in their upbringing and personality. Kayle and Morgana have one of the biggest rivalries in Runeterra. Kayle was blessed by the Targonian aspect and was given ascended status while Morgana is more humble in her suffering and embraced her humanity, Morgana tries to be more human to everyone, protecting Demacia from the shadows.


Gangplank killed two gunsmiths who were Miss Fortune’s parents in order to get him the twin pistols to become the reaver king of Bilgewater. Miss Fortune swore to take revenge on him, and soon she dethroned him, and that’s how one of Gangplank’s arms was lost. Miss Fortune thought she had killed him but he came back and continued wreaking havoc in Bilgewater.

Morg & GP

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