5 LoL Champions With Highest AFK Ratio

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Yasuo also has one of the highest play rates in League of Legends. Combine this with the fact that he has the highest AFK rate, and you come to realize why it is so common to find an AFK Yasuo. Needless to say, the champion is also disliked because of the high propensity to quit games.




Mordekaiser is a melee fighter champion that is played in the top lane. A good part of the play rate is because this champion is a go-to pick for auto-filled people that wish to play a carry champion at top lane. The reason for this is that Mordekaiser is an extremely simple and effective champion for solo queue.

Master Yi


Master Yi is a low-range jungle champion that scales extremely well. Yi just needs a couple of items and he can become a massive threat to the enemy team. To deal with such an issue players try to restrict him from scaling freely. This is often in the form of the enemy jungler invading him either alone or with the help of his team. Yi needs to keep a keen eye on the enemy jungler’s pathing and be aware of potential invades.



raum is a support champion. The support role is rarely associated with anything close to quitting games or being toxic. So, this will come as a surprise to most, but Braum does indeed have one of the highest AFK ratios in the game. Braum is the ideal support pick for providing the team with disengage capabilities. Braum is also excellent for providing the ADC with hands-on peel and defense from threats.


Not to be outdone by his brother, Yone also has a significant AFK ratio. The champion is similar to Yasuo in almost every way. They are both melee duelers that have the potential to carry games on their own. The best way to deal with them is to shut them down in the early game.


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