5 Most Annoying Top Laners

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Perhaps the most infamous example of annoyance on the Top Lane, Darius is more or less king of the Lane. There are so many things about him that make him the domineering force everyone fears. That includes insane damage, tankiness, sustain, CC, everything. Most new players will struggle against Darius and likely lose. He is the number one Champion to get fed with against newer players and even intermediate ones. 




Volibear, like Darius, is an influential tank. He can brawl for extensive periods and has some of the most severe damage at lower levels out of any Top Laner. Volibear, since his rework, has indeed become the bane of the existence of all Top Lane players, myself included. Whether he is played on Top or in the Jungle doesn’t matter. He will still be rolling around your Lane, trying to find ways of decimating you. That’s just what he does.



Malphite is a simple Champion, and the annoyance of his gameplay comes from that single fact. His spells are not skill shots, apart from his Ultimate, and since he was designed to be a tank – the base damage does get a bit obscene. Malphite only takes a few levels to become powerful, which will happen around level 5. At this level, Malphite will have his Q buffed enough to do excellent damage without any items.



Fiora is the absolute counter pick for Champions with reliance on CC. Jax is almost completely invalidated by this Champion, among others. She is super powerful and has many mechanics that will drive you insane. One of these, which is also the primary, is her passive. It does extra true damage whenever it lands, and she can consistently spam it, doing massive damage in the process. 


Teemo is the most annoying Champion in League of Legends, period. With that, he is also the most annoying on the Top Lane, and you just knew he was going to be on the list the moment you clicked on it. I know that I’ve said the list is in no particular order, but the magnitude in which Teemo is more annoying than anyone else in the game is so large that I just can’t help but mention it.


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