5 Most Broken Junglers in League of Legends

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Vi has been a long-standing Jungler who has proven herself time and time again as a powerful pick. Seasons Vi has dominated the Jungle for years, striking everyone in the enemy team with dread as soon as they see her on the Select screen. Her broken nature comes mostly from her kit, which is designed in such a way that abusing animations is a given.




Kha’Zix is a single target-focused Champion, seeking out to isolate (literally) his enemies and make quick work of them. Using his high base damage, amazing passive, and low cooldowns – Kha’Zix can obliterate his enemies in seconds. I’ve witnessed some things regarding Kha’Zix, and they weren’t pleasant to look at. 

Master Yi


Master Yi is, undoubtedly, the most dominant low Elo force in the history of League of Legends. The sheer number of times I’ve seen people type “noob Champ” or similar while he’s making 1v5 Pentas is, well, too large to recount.



Kayn has fallen off a bit in the recent patches, but that hasn’t stopped him on his path to power. He is, and will always be, a force to be reckoned with. Kayn’s versatility, speed, damage, and utility are critical parts of his kit, which isn’t bound to change anytime soon. He can use this kit to shred through the Jungle and the enemy team easily, without even breaking a sweat.


In a similar fashion to Kayn’s Red Form, Warwick is a lean, mean, healing machine. Warwick is a broken piece of crap for two reasons, one of which I’ve already mentioned. His healing is so insane that he becomes unbearable sometimes, and I won’t be getting into more detail about that since the Kayn explanation applies sufficiently well here, too.


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