5 Most Broken Top Laners

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Darius has been a dominant force on the Top Lane ever since he was reworked into a Juggernaut, alongside some others. This new power level turned Darius into a formidable opponent, one capable of singlehandedly destroying even multiple enemies. He is undoubtedly the most challenging Champion to face for a newbie Top Laner, and there are several reasons for that.




Illaoi is much of the same as Darius. Although she does have one thing that truly makes her a horrifying Champion to see in the Lane. Before I get into it, I have to mention that people, too, misunderstand her. They underestimate what she can do and consistently drop themselves into situations whence there is no escape. She is heavily reliant on one spell, the soul grab, and if you manage to dodge that – you’re pretty much set.



Riven is a peculiar addition to this list. This mostly comes from the fact that she is the most challenging Champion in the game, apart from maybe Aphelios. Difficulty means that her full potential is locked behind hours and hours of gameplay and effort, and I refrain from including such Champions on our lists. However, Riven’s technical brokenness is a good reason for her inclusion, so let’s talk about it.



Gangplank is also a peculiar addition, as there might be some other Champion way more broken than him. However, as a Gangplank main, I couldn’t help but include him. He can reach power levels so high that people have yelled “broken” at me more times than I could even remember.


Jax has one of the most basic ability kits and designs in the history of League. This creates an atmosphere where everything he does is insanely overpowered. Since the kit is so condensed and not overloaded – he requires some good values to remain usable. Jax’s damage is so massive at times that he can chunk half an enemy’s HP in just a single W and R combo.


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