5 Most Fun Support Champions in League of Legends

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Pyke has everything (well almost everything) you’d want – he has plenty of CC, and if done right, he can deal a lot of damage, and then there’s the outplay potential. Regardless, Pyke is relevant in all parts of the game, and you’ll never find yourself sitting there at your desk yawning.



Next on our list, we have Taric – Riot reworked this champion, and hands down, it’s one of the best reworks they’ve done. This LoL champion has many utility and CC to hide behind and works great with other hyper-carries.



She does a great job in skirmishes, but this doesn’t mean she isn’t a threat in team-fights. If you find yourself being placed with teams who just group mid after the laning phase, that’s okay, because Karma is fully capable of clearing waves on those side lanes.



Zyra is another fun LoL support champion that you’re going to want to try out. She’s technically a mage, but she fits just fine into bot lane though, better than she fits in mid lane. She has reliable CC that’s easy to use – when you combine this with her crazy burst potential; you’re going to have a lot of fun.



When a player does the Flash+Hook combo, it takes the breath out of everyone (if he lands it). I remember when Thresh first showed his face, many people picked him up because he made the support class fun. He has a decent hook hitbox, making it pretty easy to land. I’d say the only difficulty is to land that one game-changing hook.

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