6 Best 1v1 Champions in League of Legends

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Vayne is one of those ADCs that can be played in pretty much every single role, and if you want to annoy your opponents, play her in the top lane. She can outplay pretty much anyone, especially if she lands her opponent into a wall with her E ability. Her dashing and invisibility spells are what make her truly special for 1v1 fights.



Just when you think you're going to kill him, Ekko will use his ultimate and return into the fight with full HP. He has everything that's needed in order to win almost every 1v1 fight. Ekko deals massive damage, has a big shield + stun, dash, and the ultimate that deals massive damage and returns him in the fight with full HP!



I've been playing LeBlanc for 7 years now and I have to say that I never get bored when playing her. LeBlanc has one of the best 1v1 abilities in the game and her whole kit is made for those kinds of fights. It's always fun to kill someone faster than the blink of an eye with LeBlanc, especially if that person is the enemy ADC!



Sure, Kassadin may not be very powerful in the early game, but his late game power makes up for that. Kassadin is one of the best scaling champions in the game, and once he reaches level 16 everyone starts to fear him because he can fight with pretty much anyone without the fear of losing the fight!



Aatrox is one of the most fun top laners in Season 11. Sure, he can be a little hard to master, but once you figure out how to play with him you won’t need to fear about losing the 1v1 fight with anyone. His naturally bulkiness and sustain allows him to outlast all enemies in the 1v1!



There’s a reason why Jax has always been a very popular pick in League of Legends, and that’s all because he has the ability to deny the strengths of his enemies. His Counter-Strike (E) allows him to dodge out on auto-attacks, and then at the end of the ability, he stuns his enemies. During that combination, Jax can deal massive amounts of damage without taking any in return.

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