6 Best DPS Champions in League of Legends

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We're starting this list with Veigar. Veigar is a well-known mid lane champion because of his high burst damage. He can stack his ability power indefinitely, which means that he can easily oneshot you just with a single ability (if he has enough stacks).



If you've ever faced Zed in your ranked games you probably know why is he on this list. Zed was once the most picked champions, but then Riot decided to nerf him, but that didn’t damage his popularity that much. If you’re behind with Zed you can easily come back with just a few roams and then you’ll be able to 1v9 the game.



Syndra's combo is one of the most powerful combos in the game. If she lands her Q+E combo she can easily finish you off with her ultimate.



I personally hate seeing Kayn in the enemy team because I know that he'll get ultra fed on my bot lane and then he'll be able to assassinate our whole team in teamfights. Kayn is one of those champions that can oneshot you with just 2 simple abilities. Oh, did I mention that those abilities have a ridiculously low cooldown? Yeah, good luck against Kayn!



Imagine walking through your jungle trying to come back to your lane and then suddenly a giant fish gets thrown at you, and 2 seconds later you're -- dead. Yep, that's what happens when Fizz gets fed! Fizz turns into a huge DPS beast and has the ability to solo carry the games in ranked thanks to his massive damage.



There's a reason why every single squishy champion is scared of Rengar. This dangerous kitty is the ultimate DPS champion. Once he gets his R he can assassinate you before you're even able to see him, which means that you don't even have any time to react to defend yourself!

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