6 Best Teamfight Champions in League of Legends

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Fiddlesticks is best known for his Ultimate. It is one of the best engages in the entire game. When paired with Zhonya’s Hourglass, he can go invulnerable while decimating the enemy team with high ability damage. If he engages from the Fog, he can also fear multiple enemies, applying good CC with severe impact on the outcome.



His kit is terrific for several reasons. First of all, is the damage. Yasuo can hit hard and hit very fast, even too fast sometimes. His Q has a cooldown of under 2 seconds. His E has no cooldown, and his W – Wind wall has it lower than anyone would like, especially in the late game. This makes Yasuo hard to bait out to expend his utility, as he literally can afford to miss.



Zyra has become a powerful Champion that everyone hates to see on the bottom lane in recent years. Her damage only seems to improve with each patch (no matter if she isn’t on the receiving end). But if AP damage wasn’t the only thing to worry about, her CC is one of the best in the game.



Annie is one of Tyler1’s favorite picks, and for good reasons. He manages to dominate matches in high elo with this old and straightforward Champion. She has a lot of good utility and, most of all, the damage. I seem to mention that word more than often in this article, but apart from CC, that’s mostly what it comes down to.



Another fire-casting mage, Brand, is a Champion that I find really annoying to lane against. Ever since players discovered that his W is actually the best spell, I started banning him sporadically. It has a low cooldown and a lot of damage which amplifies because of his passive that burns you over time.



Amumu is almost the perfect team fight Champion. A jungler, he can appear out of nowhere to apply heavy, and I mean, heavy stuns on the enemy. He can cast his Q twice, as per the recent changes, which grant him double what he was once capable of. His Ultimate is a charm to use and have on the team. He can Q in, Ult the entire enemy team, and Q the most crucial target again for extra CC. If your team utilizes this correctly, you’ll find the team fight over in seconds.

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