6 Hottest Male Champions in League of Legends

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We're starting of this list with Ezreal. Even though he’s often mocked for his feminine appearance, Ezreal is a pretty male champion. Many female (and male - we don't judge) League players are attracted to his pretty and innocent looks



If you feel like Ezreal seems a little bit too young for you, then Jayce is probably the best alternative for you. Jayce has a scruffy beard and thick eyebrows that looks so attractive!



Talon is a mysterious guy and also one of the most dangerous bladmasters of Valoran, and who’s not attracted to the mystery, right? He has a masculine body, and a pretty face!



Sure, Varus doesn’t look that friendly and attractive without a skin, but his Heartseeker skin transforms him into a yummy and cute angel. However, don’t let his cute appearance fool you because his arrows inflict a serious damage!



Dad bodies are back in the fashion, and if you're a fan of a dad body, then Gragas will surely impress you! He represents a future we are all going towards if we don’t pay enough attention to some things. But, then again, is it really that bad to drink wine all day and have fun?



Pool Party Graves brings the best out of him. Here you can see Graves’ whole body, and his big arms and body hair. If you’re a fan of bad boys, Graves is a wanted criminal in every city, empire and realm that he has visited. He’s well known for stealing from the rich just for the money and thrills.

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