6 Worst Champions in League of Legends

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The first reason Singed is such a bad champion in season 11 is that he doesn’t have burst damage. And all of his damage is actually damage-over-time or DoT. DoTs are generally scarier in a tank meta because they burn the target based on max HP. But in such a fast assassin meta, DoTs are nowhere near as effective.



It’s strange to admit that Bard is one of the worst champs in LoL, simply because he is also one of the most interesting picks to play. His champion design is very unique, and there isn’t another champion in the game that comes close to his playstyle. However, Bard isn’t an effective pick at all!



Most players can agree that Skarner is the saddest champion in League of Legends. He hasn’t received any significant change in over a decade, and he doesn’t fit the modern style of LoL in any way. Now, Skarner doesn’t have a poor champion design either. It’s actually very exciting and fun to play Skarner. However, I’d say that his champion design is aged and seems like it dates from another century.



Let me be clear – Poppy hasn’t performed so badly in season 11 like the rest of these picks. However, Poppy also doesn’t have anything special to offer either. You can “cheese” it with her by going for a lethality build, but that won’t work in every game.



The truth is, Ivern can’t do anything alone. He is extremely dependent on his teammates to do well in the laning phase. And if his bot or mid don’t deal damage, he’ll likely lose the game. No amount of shields can supplement a good DPS in season 11.



Since the start of LoL, Nunu’s only strength has been efficient jungle clearing. Yes, he does incredible damage to monsters and objectives such as Baron or Dragons, but that’s pretty much it. He doesn’t have anything else that could really impact the outcome of the game. For example, Nunu’s damage without his ultimate is mediocre at best. Even tanky junglers can outdamage Nunu in any match, so he’s often looked at as a second support in the team.

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