9 Most Difficult Champions  in League of Legends

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Aurelion Sol


Aurelion Sol is one of the most challenging champions to master in League of Legends, but this celestial dragon is worth it. He requires a lot of kiting, maneuvering, and positioning.



When you play on Azir, not only do you have to position him correctly, but you also have to tend to his soldiers. This is the type of League champion that has a variety of playing styles for you to try. Once you have mastered this champion, while it’s difficult, you could carry the entire team.



Kalista is an excellent ADC champion and is very mechanically advanced. Kalista’s auto-attacks aren’t able to be canceled, which is something many Kalista newbies struggle with. Playing this LoL champion will require a lot of mobility and positioning experience.

Lee Sin


Lee Sin has so many different combos you can use, but mastering them isn’t going to be easy – this is the type of champion that requires super-fast decision making. He has seven abilities, so you’re going to have fun mastering those. Insec combo is his most popular combo



When we first tried Riven, we were surprised by her high skill cap, so she definitely deserves a spot on this list of the highest skill cap champion in LoL. If you choose Riven as your champion, you need to take time to learn her animation canceling, auto-attack canceling, abilities, combos, and all of the other tricks she has up her sleeves.



Gangplank has a nice sized skill chart – there’s so much he can do. After you have assessed the enemy team, his ultimate item will need to be well thought out. By using his barrels, this LoL champion can do a lot. There’s no denying that he has a lot of potential, as long as you have mastered him. You can position his barrels however you like, which is pretty cool.



Another good champion that has one of the highest skill caps in LoL would be Thresh. Yes, Thresh is a hard one to master, but he does have a lot of potential, so he’s worth every minute (or hour) it takes to learn him. His hook needs perfect predictions, his flays need just the right timing, and the W needs proper positioning.



Once you have mastered Zed, you will be able to take on any enemy and win, regardless of who you’re up against. Mind you, like the other LoL champions on this list, mastering Zed isn’t going to be an easy journey. In order to master him, you will need to know how every champion in League operates (there are 153 champions in total) so that you can predict what their next move is going to be.



Last on our list of the highest skill cap champions in LoL; we have Draven. This is another one of those champions that will require proper positioning. If you don’t have excellent positioning, you’re not going to be able to master Draven. His kit is focused on his Auto attacks. You will need to know precisely when to activate your axe, drop it, and then activate the second axe.

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