5 Best AD Support Champions

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As a Support, Pyke is as good as they come. He has a good pull, a long-lasting stun, and tons of damage. That Ultimate also gives a ton of extra gold to Pyke and his ADC, causing them to snowball rapidly. Pyke can, therefore, buff his ally exponentially through means of killing. He can prioritize going for kills himself without any cost to his fellow ADC. He will benefit the ADC by taking kills, as they will gain additional gold. Pyke is an incredible Support, and I highly recommend you give him a try.




He has a long-range, high damage Q that he can use to harass the enemies from a safe distance. Neither he nor his ally will have to get anywhere near the enemies to do damage. This allows them to grow in power slowly and get enough gold and XP while forcing the enemies into caution. Too much caution, and they will start losing on that precious gold and XP.



She has a ton of scaling, allowing her to get free-range and defenses from her passive. While on the topic of range, Senna’s Q is a far-reaching healing/damage tool that she can use offensively and defensively. If she aims it right, she can even do both simultaneously. It allows her to quickly rejuvenate her ally, making Senna and her duo pretty resilient.



While you wouldn’t consider Thresh an “AD Support” in any traditional sense, he very much is one. His spells do Magic Damage, yes, but his attacks are our focus here. His E grants Thresh additional damage on his basic attacks, which incrementally increases. By the late game, the bonus damage can be pretty significant, giving Thresh some heavy-hitting attacks.


Sett’s Ultimate is a real treat, too. He can pick out the tankiest opponent and slam-dunk them into the enemies. The more HP the enemy has, the more damage Sett will do with them. While this is perfect for team fights, it can be instrumental in the Bot Lane during 2v2 fights. Sett can take their Support and slam the enemy ADC for chunky damage. I highly recommend Sett to just about anyone. Whether you play him on Top or Bot, he’s as great as they come.


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