7 Best Stun Champions  in League of Legends

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And we start it off with Annie! This champion has been the face of the stun effect in League of Legends since the start of the game, really. Her passive Pyromania allows her to control and time her CC rather than wait on a cooldown. It grants her a stun effect on every 5th spell Annie casts, so it’s pretty easy to execute. And the best part about it is that it doesn’t matter which is the 5th spell because it is guaranteed to stun the target!



Lissandra can be one of the most obnoxious champions to deal with in the hands of a pro player! Not only does this champion have a very high damage, but her crowd control is extremely painful too. Lissandra’s main strength comes from her ultimate Frozen Tomb.



If there is one champion that every League of Legends player fears, that’s Nautilus! The scariest thing about him is the fact that he has almost unlimited crowd control!



And while we’re on the topic of single-target stuns, we can’t help but mention Zoe. This ridiculous champion has perhaps the most tilting ability in the whole game, her E Sleepy Trouble Bubble. This spell puts your champion into a sleep effect for a few seconds, which is as good as stun, and also makes you take true damage.



Along the same lines, we have Vi. She is one of the most valuable picks in the game due to her ability to isolate a target and secure a kill. Being a jungler, Vi’s ganks are doubled in power once she gets level 6. Her R Assault and Battery charges her to an enemy champion, knocking them up and stunning them in place.



And speaking of things that can’t be escaped, Veigar is a candidate for the title. Given to a skilled player, Veigar can be a tilting nuisance to everyone! His E Event Horizon is an AOE stun that takes only half a second to channel. And all enemies that touch the borders of the wall are stunned. The ability covers a fairly large area, so it’s hard to miss it.



And in the first place, we have Morgana! This champion has been the terror of all players since the beginning of time. Truthfully, Morgana has only one stun ability, her ultimate Soul Shackles, which activates after a few seconds of channeling. But, the problem that Morgana causes on the Rift is in her Q Dark Binding.

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