5 Best Champions To Pair With Nilah

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Taric is one of the unique champions in League that constantly want to engage and have fights last long due to his ability to spam the healing on his Q spell if he is allowed to hit an enemy champion repeatedly. This aspect of Taric is further enhanced by Nilah’s ability to use her w on him, which makes him immune to enemy auto attacks, allowing him to go for plays he would not go for otherwise.




Sona is the epitome of enchanter support. This works well with Nilah for two main reasons. Firstly, Nilah is, by default, easy to run away from, so the movement speed from Sona’s E along with the stun from her r go a long way to aid Nilah in setting up the perfect R combo to whip her enemies back to their fountain.



Alistar is one of the highest “skill” supports in the game as the difference between a good Alistar and a bad Alistar is astronomical, to say the least. Consequently, when a good Alistar is paired with a Nilah, his standard combo can be easily followed by her “e into r into q and a couple of autos into boom you are dead” combo.



Soraka is a big “f u” to the faces of anyone trying to kill Nilah. In this botlane combo, Nilah has to do everything by herself, and Soraka is there to silence her enemies and keep Nilah alive forever. Soraka excels in this by having a short cooldown on the largest enchanter, non-ultimate healing spell in the game, her W.


Lux is a support that is designed to poke and oneshot her opponents before they kill her ADC. This is the main reason why she excels. One root from Lux means a 5 million lumen Lux ultimate to your face alongside the damage from the e she threw on the ground and 2 to 3 passive hits. This is Before Nilah gets on top of you to finish you off.


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