5 Best Champions for First Strike Rune

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Lux is one of the best champions that can abuse this rune. Since she deals a lot of poke damage, you can earn free gold without doing a lot of work. Continue to spam your E and you will gain insane amounts of gold that will allow you to purchase your items easily.




While it is still a great rune for the champion, it isn’t nearly as strong as it used to be after the nerf. So, going for First Strike will allow you to get your power spike earlier and start one shotting the enemy carries. Thanks to your low cooldown Q, you can get a lot of gold during the laning phase. Plus, if you deal damage with your barrel and it lands a critical strike, you will be rich within seconds.



Ezreal is one of those champions that makes the best use of runes that allow you to earn extra gold. He was the biggest user of the Kleptomancy rune before it was changed into First Strike. While you might want to go for Conquerer for consistent damage, choosing First Strike is also quite good.



I didn’t think that First Strike would be good on Ziggs but I was wrong. It is working exceptionally well on this champion thanks to a few things. He has a lot of low cooldown abilities that he can spam during the entirety of the game. On top of that, he also has ridiculous range and a lot of AoE damage as well.


Zyra is a strong support that isn’t seen a lot these days. However, if you do decide to play her, make sure that you choose the First Strike rune since it will get you a lot of gold by doing your basic combo. Her abilities allow you to easily poke the enemy laner while staying at a safe distance.


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