5 Tankiest Top Laners  in League of Legends

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Sett is one of those champions in League of Legends that can be played in pretty much every single lane or role. He can deal massive amounts of damage, even when you’re building only tank items on him. His shield is probably his biggest power because it not only deals enormous amounts of damage, but it gives him enough shield to survive the teamfight.



When it comes to tanks, we can’t forget about Amumu. Amumu has the ability to reduce the physical damage which allows him to survive and peel enough for his teammates in the teamfights. If Amumu gets ahead in the early game, there’s pretty much nothing you can do to hunt him down!



Sure, Nasus is not that tanky in the early game, but he thrives in the late game,. Nasus is one of the most powerful late game champions in Season 11 because he can deal massive amounts of damage with his Siphoning Strike (Q), but you’ll need to extra careful because he can be punished easily as he has no mobility.



This list would not make sense if we somehow forgot to include the almighty bull, Alistar. He’s definitely earned his spot in the #2 place of his list because of his ultimate. His ultimate, Unbreakable Will, removes all of crowd control on Alistar, and for the next 7 seconds he reduces the incoming damage by up to 75%.

Tahm Kench


Ever since he's received a small rework from Riot Games, Tahm Kench has become one of the best top lane picks in the current season. He’s good in every single phase of the game, and he’s also quite difficult to kill in 1v1 situations. Tahm Kench thrives in the teamfights because he can take enormous amounts of damage, and just when you think you’re going to kill him, he’ll use the shield to eat even more damage.

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