The Best Ward and Vision Tricks in League of Legends

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What are wards?

Wards are Items in League of Legends that provide the players with Vision when placed. There are three Warding Items in the game. Only two of them are actual Wards. I will go over both of them in detail, how they function, and when each is best purchased and utilized. So, let’s begin.

Stealth Wards

The first Item we will talk about is the Stealth Ward. This Item is a trinket, meaning it can be obtained for free at the very start of the game. It is the most bought Item in League of Legends, period. Over 55% of players have bought this Item in their recent games. You can see how well established it is, but scarcely is it properly used.

Oracle Lens

Moving on to our next Item, which is not actually a Ward, is the Oracle Lens. This Item does not provide Vision but counters it. As was the case with our previous Item, Oracle Lens is a trinket. When activated, the Oracle Lens will scan the area in a 750-unit radius around you and reveal any Wards that may be hiding. Once revealed, the Wards can quickly be destroyed by either you or someone in your team.

Farsigh Altercation

Up next is the last trinket on this list – the Farsight Alteration. It can be purchased at level 9 and replaces the Stealth Ward trinket. Though limited in its use and how often it is purchased, it does find some utilization on select Champions. It is an item that grants Vision with an insane range, 4000 units to be exact. This means you can find out what’s going on far off in the distance with just a simple press of a button.

Warding in the Top Lane

You should always place a Control Ward on the left-hand side Bush near the Top Lane. This will help you eliminate the enemy’s Vision, keep them in the dark, have Vision yourself, and open up a pathway for your jungler to gank. If you’re on the Red Side, placing a Control Ward in the Top Lane tri-bush is a great defensive tool to ensure you don’t get ganked from behind, as well as secure your passage when roaming through the area.

Warding in the Mid Lane

It would be best if you warded both bushes right next to your Lane, as they are the two most used entrances to the Lane. Warding the two bushes next to the Baron and Dragon pits that I’ve mentioned above is highly recommended. It gives Vision on players trying to circumvent the big bushes and entrances into the Lane. If they do manage to go around these, warding Raptors or the Bush behind the Blue Buff will mitigate their attempts.

Warding in the Bot Lane

The Bottom Lane Blue Side has one of the most important and dangerous areas in the entire game in general. The Red Side Tri-Bush just above the Dragon pit should be kept under Vision 24/7. Having a Control Ward in that Bush provides an option to push the Lane with more safety and less worry about a backdoor gank. It will also help your own jungler have a safe passage into the River to attempt ganks if your Lane happens to be shoved in.

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