Best Zed Skins - Ranked From Best To Worst

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Galaxy Slayer Zed


Galaxy Slayed Zed is one of the most expensive skins, but it’s hard to say the Galaxy Slayer skin isn’t worth the price because it’s more than worth it. This skin is by far the best skin you’re going to get. It’s packed full of new animations and can easily fit into the unique collection.

Death Sworn Zed


Looking at the Death Sworn Zed skin, we couldn’t see why anyone would want to turn this one down, especially if they like demonic ghouls…that’s right, the Death Sworn Zed Skin looks like a demonic ghoul, and the new animations, along with the ability effects, go great with that look.

Project Zed


This skin right here is one of the best skins for Zed that many people adore. Riot incorporated a futuristic theme in this one, and it’s really neat. The way his shadow is pixelated and vanishes in a shadow deleted manner is a real eye-catcher.

Championship Zed


Championship Zed was released back in 2016 as a way to commemorate the competitive year. This one right here is one of the cleanest-looking skins Zed has in his closet. Like some of the other skins that come from this line, Championship Zed features the assassin in armoring that is in the colors of gold and blue.

Shockblade Zed


Next on our list, we have Shockblade Zed. Like most released skins, this one right here isn’t all that impressive. In fact, one might claim that it is one of the least-impressive skins in his collection. This skin doesn’t have any unique effects or unique animations.

SKT T1 Zed


With the red and gold accents, the skin is a direct representation of the SKT. Yes, this is an older skin, but even in today’s world, it looks amazing. This skin does a great job at upgrading those blades and gives him a unique style.

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