The Best Jhin Skins in League of Legends

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The Dark Cosmic Jhin is a great fit for Jhin in both appearance and function since it has been filled with the power of the universe. We are all aware of how significant Jhin places emphasis on the number four, and there are certain interactions that cause him to manifest two additional arms from his body, bringing the total number of his arms to four.

Dark Cosmic

High Noon


High Noon Jhin’s secondary skin has performed exceptionally well in comparison to the performance of other League of Legends champions’ secondary skins, which is particularly impressive given that it was introduced simultaneously with the champion.

Project: Jhin


As a continuation of the PROJECT skin line featured in League, Jhin is decked up in a mechanized black suit that covers his face along with the rest of his body. His mask emits a crimson glow, and despite the fact that it is expressionless, you can tell that Jhin is still a very dangerous individual. When Jhin kills an opponent, a red orbit will appear at the point where they were killed. 

Blood Moon


Jhin has developed into a formidable assassin by using the power of the blood moon in order to track down and kill all demons and maybe men as well. He wears a white mask that has two crimson horns protruding from the top of it. His right eye seems to be a pale blue, while his left eye emits a crimson glow. His “costume” as a whole is red, but his right arm appears to be being eaten away by some kind of demonic force.


In keeping with his overall look, Jhin wears what appears to be a blazing thing on his shoulder. Jhin’s Q causes a scroll to bounce four times, producing the distinctive sound of a shamisen while it does so. When he sets traps with his E, they are orange spheres that float in the air and explode when they come into touch with something. Jhin’s musical ability is displayed during the detonation of these devices by the playing of instrumental sounds.

Shan Hai Scrolls

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