Top 5 Best Off Meta Supports  in LoL

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When Pantheon started getting picked as a support in the ranked, people thought that he would never be a good support champion. However, as people mastered him, he became one of the best off meta support picks in Season 11!



Annie’s playstyle as a support is basically the same one as on the mid lane. Your main goal with Annie is to stun and burst the enemies as often as possible, and her massive damage output helps her to quickly burst down the enemy ADC.



Sion is one of those champions that can be played in pretty much every single role. He’s just that great! He has a massive crowd control abilities, which is a must-have in the bot lane. Both his Q and E abilities can knock up or slow enemies, while dealing massive damage.



Back in the good old days, Malzahar was actually one of the best support champions in the game, and even if he’s not the strongest pick in the bot lane at the moment, he’s surely one of the most fun off meta support picks! If you’d like to have some fun, I definitely recommend you to try out Malzahar because he’s our favorite off meta support pick.

Miss Fortune


Miss Fortune support has been a popular pick for many Seasons now, and for a good reason. Even though she has no crowd control abilities, her E ability (Make it Rain) slows enemies just enough for the ADC to get that crucial kill. On the other hand, she can also deal massive damage with her ultimate, which can always be a big game-changer.

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