Top 5 Hottest Champions  in LoL

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Kindred is an anthropomorphic animal character, but it has human characteristics and personalities, and we just had to include it on this list. It was released five years ago, in 2015, and in season 6 all the way to season 8; it was one of the hottest picks.



For many years now, for Top lane, Riven has been at the top of many people’s lists. She made her debut in 2011 and took the League of Legends community by storm. She is a soldier with total faith in Noxus, but currently, she can be found in Ionia, looking for redemption in her own exile.



Despite having a flat chest, she’s still a beautiful character, and there’s just something about her look. Perhaps her attractiveness isn’t just because of how she looks, but her spontaneous personality. When we think of Jinx, we think of Harley Quinn from DC comics, right?



This champion was also released in 2011 and is a Vastaya from Iona. Ahri fed on others’ emotions and memories, and then in the process, she killed them. When we think of Ahri, we think of D.VA from Overwatch because she’s just as popular as her.



Evelynn is one of the first LoL champions out. She is a demon with a seductive side that she uses to lure people in…and I must say, she does a surprisingly good job at it – I mean look, she somehow made her way on top of this list of sexy League of Legends champions. Misery loves company, and she feeds off of people’s pain and misery.

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