Top 5 Least Played Champions  in LoL

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Tahm Kench


He’s a good champion that can offer a lot of aid to the ADC. Unfortunately for Tahm Kench, though, it’s not enough to make him a popular choice. He isn’t able to offer any shields or heals and is stuck as a melee champion. Plus, he also takes up a lot of mana. Right now, his pick rate is 0.47%.

Pick Ratio: 0.47%

Aurelion Sol


Unlike other mid laners in LoL, Aurelion doesn’t have any abilities to keep him firing or any sustained poke. This is the type of champion that is an all or nothing. He has a 0.70% pick rate. Luckily for him, Riot is thinking about giving Aurelion Sol a complete rework.

Pick Ratio: 0.70%

Dr. Mundo


Dr. Mundo is another least picked champion. He’s pretty good when it comes to taking out squishy champions, but that doesn’t really say a lot about him. In the early game, he has to take it slow and play it safe until he is at least level 6 and has some items to help keep him alive. Right now, this champion has a pick rate of 0.70%.

Pick Ratio: 0.70%



If you’re familiar with Ziggs, finding his name on this list can come as a surprise because he’s known as being very powerful and very annoying. Despite this, his current pick rate is sitting at 0.73% in the middle lane – he has a 48.88% win rate.

Pick Ratio: 0.73%



The last champion on our list is Anivia in the middle lane.There are various reasons why this champion isn’t a typical pick, though. The first reason is because of her high mana usage only to offer low damage. It takes too long to do damage, and she drains too much mana, so she may be too far gone by the time she becomes good enough to do anything useful in the game.

Pick Ratio: 0.47%

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