Top 5 Most Banned Champions  in LoL

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When Senna first came out, her performance wasn’t very inspiring at all. Now, Senna is being banned in between 10 percent to 30 percent of games.

Ban Ratio: 10-30%



Basically, if you’re familiar with Yasuo and Yi, you’ll understand that Yasuo has everything Yi has. However, Yasuo has a ban-rate that is slightly higher – 42.49 percent.

Ban Ratio: 42.49%



Aphelios has a ban rate that is between 15 percent and 48 percent, depending on rank. This champion is usually locked in as a bottom-lane ranged assassin, but he can change weapons.

Ban Ratio: 15-48%



Due to his versatility, he is banned between 11 percent to 49 percent of games, depending on his tier. Sett also just so happens to be one of the newer champions on this list of the top LoL champions that are banned.

Ban Ratio: 11-49%



Yone is the top champion who gets the banhammer. Across all tiers, Yone’s ban rate is around 50 percent. Yone first showed up during the Spirit Blossom event in 2020 – he’s Yasuo’s older brother.

Ban Ratio: 50%

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