Top 7 Best Prestige Skins in League of Legends

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Prestige Senna


Senna’s Prestige skin is truly what Prestige skins are meant to be in all of her Louis Vuitton glory. Most think of them as glorified chromas, which, in a sense, they are. But skins such as this one make us believe otherwise, and rightfully so.

Prestige Riven


Perhaps the most beautiful skin overall that I’ve so far listed, Riven’s Prestige edition is something else. The recall animation is probably the best one yet, challenged only by the previous contender. With bright and beautiful colors and animations, it gives Riven a much-needed uplift in graphical fidelity and quality that adds a lot to the fun and the character herself.

Prestige Psy Ops Ezreal


We all like colors, and this skin is the epitome of color. PsyOps Ezreal paired with the Prestige effects is a charm to look at with a neon vibe all around him. This quick hybrid ADC looks genuinely striking in this special iteration with a well-rounded, well-designed, and great-sounding skin.

Prestige Firecracker Vayne


This one is one of those that is an all-around upgrade from the original. Instead of dark orange and black, she now sports a beautiful gold and white combo, making the skin stand out among others. In true traditional Chinese fashion, Prestige Firecracker Vayne is a nightmare of the Rift, now triple-shotting you with golden rockets and firecrackers.

Prestige Fuzz Fizz


There is just something simultaneously so cute and macabre about a murderous puppy. Pair that with another just as ferocious, larger hound, and you’ve got Fuzz Fizz. With Prestige glory and in golden clad, the dangerous AP Carry makes you extra reluctant to kill him, as he’s just so damn cute. But, you will quickly have a change of heart, as this puppy means business.

Prestige Dark Star Malphite


If you were scared from a large rock ulting you from the fog and seemingly at random, your fears are about to turn to terror. Turned into an armored black hole (that throws many more, smaller ones around), Dark Star Malphite with the Prestige effects is a cosmic horror to face.

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