6 Most Fun Junglers  in League of Legends

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Viego is one of the newest additions to the jungle role. He has quite a unique playstyle, one that no other champion can mimic. He’s a powerful pick in the early game, but his strengths really get to shine after level 6. If there is one thing that truly distinguishes Viego from the rest of the characters in League of Legends is his passive – Sovereign’s Domination. This effect allows him to play as a recently slain enemy champion.



Shaco is one of the most exciting characters in League of Legends. Although he is most popular in the jungle role, players like to take him in the bot and top lanes too. He is another hybrid champion that can either build AP or AD. And because of that, his playstyle changes from game to game.



What makes Nidalee a very fun champion to play is the variety in her playstyle. As most of you know, Nidalee can change her form from humanoid to cougar and vice versa. By entering one of these forms, she gains a set of abilities. But switching to another form grants her access to new abilities.



For many people, Kha’Zix is a synonym for the jungle role. He’s been an iconic pick season after season and has rarely been considered a weak champion. Sure, the tank meta from a couple of years back didn’t quite suit his assassination playstyle, he’s found success even then.



Thanks to her massive burst potential, Evelynn is one of the best AP assassins in Season 11 of League of Legends. Sure, she's pretty weak before level 6, but if you stay safe and wait for the level 6 you'll have tons of fun! It's always fun to gank the enemy using her stealth, and it's even more fun when you delete the enemies in 0.3 seconds!

Lee Sin


And the most interesting jungler in League of Legends is Lee Sin. No one can quite explain why, but everybody loves Lee Sin. There are so many things about his champion design that are done right that we can’t point one or two particular things. For example, you can play Lee Sin for 100 games, and there will always be something new to learn or try!

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