Top 7 Rarest Skins in League of Legends

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UFO Corki


UFO Corki is an all-time favorite – this was given to players who had a League of Legends account before January 14, 2010. This skin was given to players as a celebration for an award LoL won that year.

Silver Kayle


This is a skin that was released with the original copy of LoL when it first came out back in 2009. It’s almost impossible to find a copy of League of Legends with the original code, and even if you managed to find it, the codes were disabled in 2014. Did you know that Silver Kayle is one of the most expensive League skin in 2020?

Riot Squad Singed


You could get this skin if you attended Gamescom back in 2010 – Squad Singed was given out as a party favor. Afterward, this skin was available in the store, but it is still one of the hardest to get because the codes were discontinued.

Young Ryze


Only the players who pre-ordered their copy of League of Legends at launch received the Young Ryze skin, which makes this skin one of the rarest skins ever made in League of Legends. It's estimated that only around 10,000 players own this skin.

Pax TF


Pax Twisted Fate was given to those individuals that attended the PAX event in 2009 (it was given through a redeemable code). As mentioned earlier, the redeemable codes are no longer redeemable, so you can no longer get this skin.

King Rammus


The King Rammus skin looks familiar because it is based on Bowser (the Mario villain). This is a skin that was released at the end of the beta, so only LoL veterans have it.

Black Alistar


This skin could only be obtained if you purchased the digital version of the collector’s edition during launch. Not many gamers purchased League of Legends when it was free-to-play, so it’s super rare to see this skin in a match.

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