What Does CT Mean in Valorant?

Valorant is not the only tactical shooter available right now, many consider it a re-do of one of the most popular online games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,  but that isn’t really true. 

Yes, it has certain elements of Counter-Strike in it but if you have played both of these games you’ll know just how different they are from each other. 

Being a decade almost a decade younger than Counter-Strike some of the phrases and terms have found their way into Valorant and that is what we are going to talk about today, 

CT is a term frequently used in Valorant, which is indigenous to Counter-Strik. Let’s hop in and find the meaning of CT and some other popular Valorant slang

CT is the abbreviation of the word Counter Terrorists, Counter Terrorists is one of two sides that compete in a match of Counter-Strike, in Valorant Defenders are reffered to as CT.

Slangs and short forms can be useful when playing a fast-paced game like Valorant, where you only have a second to communicate something, there might be a number of phrases that you come across through a match that you don’t understand, but don’t worry because we have got you covered.

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What do CT and T Mean?

CT and T are abbreviations of the words, Terrorists and Counter Terrorists, respectively. These CT and T are the two sides that compete against each other in a match of Counter Strike. 

The bomb planters are known as Terrorists and the team that has to stop them from doing that are called Counter Terrorists. Valorant runs on almost the same rules as Counter Strike, so the attackers in Valorant are dubbed as ‘T’ while defenders are casually called ‘CT’.

The reason that CT and T slangs have found their way into Valorant is probably due to the fact that a lot of CS: GO player has shifted to Valorant and even some of the best CS players are now one of the best Valorant players.

CT and T are mostly used to communicate locations on the map, for example, if you suspect an enemy agent is coming from the defender’s spawn side you just write “CT spawn” and your allies will be cautious of that.

Common Valorant Slangs

There are a number of slang terms that are used throughout the game, for new players, the Valorant Lingo can be a little troubling so let’s see what some of the commonly used slang in Valorant are and what they mean.


Diff is the short form of difference, Diff is used by players to acknowledge a significant difference in any aspect (mostly agents) of the game between the two teams. If both teams have a Sova, and one team’s Sova is playing better significantly better,        “Sova diff” is the chat would be written by a player to tilt off the underperforming Sova


Nt is an abbreviation of the term “nice try”, it’s mostly written by the allies of a player who performed well under a difficult situation but weren’t able to secure a win, so allies just type it in chat to lift up their spirits.


You probably already know the meaning of this one, as gg is used in all the online games on this planet. ‘gg’ is the abbreviation of ‘good game’ and is generally said at the end of a match as just a positive gesture for all the players.

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Rotate is a really important term in Valorant, rotate means the displacement of a team from one site to another. If the attacking team decides to go to site A and then they realize that it’s hard to enter that site, ‘rotate’ or ‘rotate to B’ means that the team will start moving towards site B.


Eco, just like in real life, is the short form of Economy in Valorant, a player types this when he wants his team to save up their credits for the next match. Eco rounds are only useful if the whole team saves up for the next match, so keeping an eye out for ‘eco’ is immensely important.


NS refers to ‘nice shot’ in Valorant and this term is probably used in all the major tactical shooters. 

You’ll get this term in the chat if you land a pretty good headshot on the enemy or it can also be used for mocking a player who clearly wasn’t able to land a “nice shot”. The wholesome thing about this slang term is that it usually comes from an enemy after you kill them.

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Importance of Slang Terms

You can tell the significance of slang terms in a game just by noticing how frequently they are used throughout a match. 

In a fast paced game like Valorant, the unofficial lingo holds even greater importance. A quick glance at the chat will let you have sufficient informatio about what’s to come next.

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