What is the Drop Rate of League of Legends Key Fragments?

What is the Drop Rate of League of Legends Key Fragments?

The staple of modern gaming are undoubtedly microtransactions. It seems that every game has them, free-to-play or otherwise, and there’s no avoiding them. They’ve spawned a plethora of controversies and tend to be quite predatory. Riot Games has had microtransactions in League of Legends ever since the game was released, but they did things a bit differently.

Every microtransaction in League of Legends is strictly cosmetic and has no impact on gameplay. Furthermore, trading or selling skins is not an option and everything exists solely within the confines of their game. Some years prior, Riot Games added a system of chests and keys similar to that of other popular titles such as Counter-Strike.

What is the Drop Rate of League of Legends Key Fragments?

These keys and chests have certain rates of dropping after each game, or as loot in existing chests. While we don’t have the exact figures, we’ll take a look at how to obtain these items more frequently.

What are Key Fragments?

Key Fragments in League of Legends are parts of a single Hextech Key that is necessary to unlock a Hextech Chest. Three fragments make up a whole, and you can earn up to 12 Key Fragments in four weeks. This is generally the only number we’re familiar with as players, with the background of precise drop-rates lying solely in the hands of Riot Games.

How to Get More Key Fragments in League of Legends?

Key Fragments can be obtained in several different ways:

  • Reaching Honor Level 5 provides the player with a Champion Capsule for each level-up. These have a chance of dropping a key fragment, though the odds are usually slim.
  • Playing the game more can increase your chances of getting key fragments. Honouring other players after a match or receiving honours for exemplary gameplay will generally provide you with some extra fragments. Keep in mind that this is usually random and can result in a prolonged drought of honour-based key fragments.
  • The Honour levels also give you Honor Capsules that usually contain a vast amount of key fragments, alongside some other stuff. Keeping it civil and providing your allies with good matches will net you more honours, in turn giving you more Capsules and more Key Fragments.
  • Events in League of Legends come with a ton of extra consumables, and you can always get yourself extra whole Keys or fragments if you’re low on event points. Purchasing an even pass also increases your pool of currency that you can convert into keys, orbs, or everything in between.


Riot Games keep most of their numbers private and hidden from the player base, and they’ve devised this lucrative way of getting more keys intentionally. You are baited into performing a massive amount of work just to get a fragment of a key. Don’t fall for the bait and just play the game normally, and if it drops, it drops. Chests and Keys and things similar can lead to a gambling addiction, so play responsibly and avoid falling into the microtransaction loophole.

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