What Gives The Most XP In League Of Legends?

What Gives The Most XP In League Of Legends?

If you have played League for at least a few months, you will know about their account XP system. In some matches, you will see cool and unique borders around another player’s name on the loading screen. This is a direct result of their account levels in the League of Legends client. The importance of levels drastically falls off later in the game, but up to level 30, it is extremely important. If you want to reach level 30 faster, there are some tips you should follow.

The best way to gain XP fast is to play matches. Although mission rewards and First Win rewards are definitely helpful, nothing will give you the same consistent results as playing matches. You should remember that longer matches are worth more experience. As well as, wins grant you more XP compared to losses.

We talked about how it is important to get to level 30 fast. That is because Ranked Mode is only unlocked once your account reaches level 30 and has a set number of champions. So if you want to reach there sooner than your friends, take a look at these tips we have listed below.

PvP Matches

PvP Matches

So Player Vs Player (PvP) matches are the highest source of XP in League of Legends. There are three types of matches you can choose from; PvP, Co-op VS AI, and Custom Games. Custom games do not award any experience, while Co-op VS AI awards lesser XP as compared to PvP.

Even within PvP matches, there are various factors that determine the amount of experience a player is awarded after the match.

Outcome- Win/ Loss

The first factor is the outcome of the match. If you were on the winning team, you gain more XP as compared to if you lose a match. This is the case for both PvP and Co-op VS AI matches.

Win-loss directly affects your experience gain but also indirectly affects it as well. If you have any XP boosts or win boosts active, they give reduced or no experience. We will talk about them ahead.


If you win a longer match e.g. 50 mins, you should be awarded accordingly. This is why the duration of your matches counts towards how much experience you gain. The longer your match is, the more experience you gain afterward.

This is the reason why newer players looking to level up are advised to play matchmade game modes rather than ARAM. ARAM matches are usually shorter and will give you lesser XP.

Another reason is that champions are randomized in ARAM so winning is sometimes based on team compositions rather than skill level.

Your matches need to last a minimum of 7 minutes to qualify for XP rewards. Going AFK will provide no experience.

Co-op VS AI

Co-op VS AI

Co-op VS AI is the other game mode that awards XP, yet a considerably lower amount compared to PvP matches. XP awarded is again based on the same factors as PvP matches i.e. duration and outcome of the match.

If you have searched the internet for ways to level up faster while starting the game, you will be advised to play Co-op VS AI. This is because the chances of you winning Co-op VS AI are much higher. In PvP matches, there is a lot riding on your teammates. If they cannot handle their lanes, there is a higher chance of you losing.

Co-op VS AI is a much more consistent way to earn XP, especially during the lower levels when you cannot carry games all on your own.

First Win Of The Day Bonus/ Mission Rewards

Although playing and grinding through the ranks is what will get you there the fastest, mission rewards can definitely boost your progress

When you open the missions tab, right next to your chat tab, you will see all your missions and their rewards. If you are grinding for XP, you can prioritize those that grant you XP.

Another great way to gain XP every day with minimal effort is by winning one match (any mode) every day. This is through the First Win Of The Day bonus. This bonus gives you 500 XP every day for winning a match. It will help increase your level by a lot.

XP/ Win Boosts

XP/ Win Boosts

If you do not mind dropping a few dollars here and there to progress faster, XP and win boosts can be a major contributor to your journey. Pop any one, or both, of these to gain additional experience in each match.

XP boosts will multiply your experience gained each match, regardless of any other factors.

Win boosts only activate when you win matches and do not grant any additional experience if you lose. So make sure to give it your all if you have one of these active.

The Takeaway

While the only thing a higher account level offers is a better border, it does not stop those grinding for it. So if you want to get ahead of your friends, make sure to follow these tips, and get up there with the legends.

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