What is BM in League of Legends?

In many chat forums and in-game chats during League of Legends, the phrase “BM” is thrown around. It translates to “Bad Manners”. Riot takes a lot of pain to ensure the game is not toxic and that toxic behavior is punished and cooperative, friendly gamers, on the other hand, are rewarded. League of Legends has a very elaborate system of rewarding players who are on their best behavior through “Honor” after the end of each game. At the same time, toxic players, who feed intentionally, players who keep inting to ruin the game, or players who just have a looser attitude, can be reported for the different types of negative and toxic behavior. 

These are types of BM. Often time a player on one team has such bad manners that players will to the All-chat option to let the other team know that someone from their side should be reported for BM. A player with BM ruins the game for 9 other players at the same time, 4 on his or her side and 5 players on the enemy team. That’s about 30 minutes of each player’s life being wasted because one player either couldn’t cope with being killed again and again or didn’t get the role he or she preferred and instead of being a team player and showing a bit of team spirit, decides to troll and feed or int or some combination of all these. 

All of these types of behavior can be characterized under BM. There’s another more subtle form of BM that is perhaps below the threshold that mandates being reported but still is not good manners at any rate. Imagine an ADC that’s not managing to hit most of the last hits on enemy minions and creep score is not the most optimal. The support then starts criticizing the ADC but not in a constructive manner. This can demoralize your teammates instead of helping the team achieve its goals. Sometimes players start blaming the Jungler for not being as good as the enemy jungler. “Jungle difference”, is what they’ll start typing in the chat. A better is to ask your jungler for a little help and you can be sure he or she will always want to help his teammates.

BM decreases the overall quality of the game and is completely unnecessary and avoidable. Starting the game with “Gl & Hf” and ending with “gg” and complimenting the enemy team’s players if they make a new and creative move adds value and flavor to the game and makes you want to come back for more, even if you don’t win the match. The other possibility is BM all the way which leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth after the match and you don’t look forward to the next game.

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