What is Feeding in League of Legends?

For all new players, for starters, a little information about the League of Legends game. League of Legends is among MOBAs (Multiplayer online battle arena) the most popular games today. According to the latest figures, Leauge of Legends had about 115 monthly active players in 2021. If you want to be a part of this huge community of players, you have to get acquainted with the basic rules to become a great player as quickly as possible. One of the basic rules in the game that you have to follow so that the community doesn’t ban you is about feeding, what is feeding, who are feeders, and what will happen if you feed intentionally.

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What is Feeding?

Feeding is a term that may sound new and foreign to you if you haven’t encountered this type of game before. Simply put, a feeder is a person who dies easily within a game. A player who dies more than he kills damages his team because he feeds the opposing team with skills, experience, money, and strength. By constantly dying, the feeder player harms his team because he weakens it and prevents him from strengthening enough to defeat the opposing team. 

For example, suppose you play in the mid position and are constantly killed by the opposing player in the mid position by constantly returning to your position. In that case, you allow the same player to finish you off each time. In such a situation, it is best to join one of your teammates and participate exclusively in team fights so as not to be the opposing team’s target because they know that you are weakened enough to strengthen their team through you.

As you can see, feeding is great for a player who is being fed. A player who constantly kills other people’s champions will eventually become too strong and will collect a large amount of gold and sooner be able to upgrade his champion through items from the shop. A player is considered “fed” when he can score the most kills on his own and when any champion from a rival team can hardly kill him.

In the game, champions who are marksman (ADCs – Attack Damage Carries) and champions who are mags (APCs – Ability Power Carries) have the most benefits from being fed because they depend on the quantity and quality of items, which means that their strength will be higher if sooner. They become “fed” and thus obtain large amounts of gold to buy items and upgrade the champion skill.

Most feeders are new inexperienced players who have not yet figured out how to fight a particular champion or harness the abilities of their champion best. Summoner’s Code (Players’ behaviors rules) is against criticism and any form of insulting new players. It often happens that new players are reported only because they were feeders through their ignorance. Sometimes players use feeding another team if they want to speed up the game because they do not see that they will win or destroy the started game. Such feeders are called Griefers. Griefers are players who provoke other players and intentionally do not follow the rules of the game. They join the game to spoil the experience for other players.

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What is Int?

League of Legends players have a special term for this type of feeding, and they call it int. Int is an abbreviation for ‘intentionally feeding‘ and is associated with a player who chooses a champion and enters a battle with his team but has no intention of playing as a team and respecting the rules of those other players. He deliberately goes to rival champions to kill him, lets the minions kill him, and stands under the turret to lose his life. 

For example, if a player chooses which position he wants to play in Champion Select and does not get the desired position (ex. Mid or feed), he becomes a Griefer. He refuses to cooperate with the team and decides to cooperate with the rival team at the very beginning of the game. In this way, he prevents his team from a fair fight, and a possible victory and “punishes” them because he did not get the position of the champion he wanted.

Furthermore, players can report such behavior at the end of the match. League of Legends has a high-quality system that recognizes and monitors a player who is often reported for feeding, and he may receive a penalty or ban from playing. Intentional Feeding is considered a serious offense, and a player recognized by the system as an offender is banned from playing for two weeks. And if the player continues with such behavior, he can get a permaban – a permanent ban on using the account and participating in the game. However, given the ease of creating new email addresses and League of Legends’ new accounts, intentional feeding is still a problem that can spoil the experience for other players.

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To sum up, feeding is a slang that is already widely known within the gaming community. If you are a beginner in the game League of Legends, you must be well acquainted with the basic rules. New players most often become ‘victims’ of feeding because they are still quite unfamiliar with their champions and champion S from the opposite team. Because of their ignorance, they can easily lose their lives and thus allow the opposing champion to get money faster and thus buy items that will increase his skill and strength and allow his team to win. New players should not be criticized because we were all beginners once. In addition to new players, feeders can also be cheeky individuals who want to harass other players. They may choose to work with an opposing team for stupid reasons, like getting the champion or position they want. However, League of Legends allows each player to report such players who will be duly penalized by reducing the number of players playing to offend others.

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