What is Scripting in League of Legends?

What is Scripting in League of Legends?

Go on and ask any League of Legends player about what “Scripting” is. He’ll probably tell you hundreds of different scenarios in the game that all seem “unfair” to some extent. But, what is the general perception of scripting in LoL and what it really is – things don’t quite match.

The chances are that by now, you’ve probably been called a scripter in a match where you played exceptionally well. Although flattering, that isn’t even close to what a real “script” can do for you. And if you have no prior experience with scripting, then the simplest way to put it is that it’s a form of cheating (just like stream sniping).

But the scripts in League of Legends differ from the cheats in any other game for multiple reasons:

  1. LoL is a pretty complicated game, and the hacks here require much more work to develop.
  2. There are ten active players in every game of League, and since they’re alive people, their actions vary every time you enter the Rift.
  3. The scripts in League have to work flawlessly for that person to win the game.

Because even if you’re playing an ADC and stomp your bot lane with a script, the enemy mid laner could be 15-0 in a score at the 10th minute and destroy you with one ability!

So how do scripts manage to take all this into consideration and still find ways to give players victories? Let’s see what exactly scripts do in-game and how the different types of scripts work!

What Do Scripts Do in A Game?

Riot Games is having an endless battle with numerous scripters in the game. Scripters are basically cheaters that are ruining the game experience for other people. If you've ever came across one, you probably know what I'm talking about...

Generally, the scripts transform the player into a perfect AI that dodges and aims abilities at the perfect time. These cheats are built on concrete mathematics that takes into account every variable in the game, from the champion’s specific cooldown time to the enemy champion’s hitbox and much more. Then, through algorithms, the cheat finds a way to either hit an ability or move enough pixels away to successfully dodge an ability. This all happens in unreal timing, and the easiest way to assure someone is scripting is by observing their unnatural reaction times.

If we take Faker, for example, and his god-like skill of dodging stuff, we can see that he succeeds either by predicting the enemy’s aim or reacting to the spells’ visual animations. But the scripts work entirely differently! Since they’re “robots,” they don’t need to “see” the ability in order to dodge it. On the contrary, in the first split second that the incoming ability is fired, the script will turn your champion opposite its destination. And the same goes for hitting skill shots. The scripts are typically 99% accurate when it comes to aiming too.

But that is not all. Most scripts come in a whole package, and the person using them sees all the information on his screen. Champion’s attack range, enemy’s abilities range, ward duration, jungle camp spawn times – literally everything. The scripts can display if the enemy jungler hides in a bush and is waiting for a gank. Or, they can just remove the Fog of War and show the entire Summoner’s Rift – that’s called ghosting.

Almost all scripts come with their own specific software or a program, which can be tweaked to do more or less stuff. So if a challenger player that is naturally good at the game activates a script and sets it only to show him the whole map, it will be significantly harder to realize that he is cheating. And the opposite of that, a bronze player that dodges all skill shots and gets a pentakill while being full hp will be more than an apparent cheater.

But most frequently, the scripts in LoL come in three types.

What Are the Different Types of Scripts in LoL?

1) Utility Scripts

The utility scripts are based around the dodging and hitting of abilities. As we mentioned earlier, the real difference between a simple dodge and a script is in the timing and the precision. A player with a utility script will never move a pixel left or right if it isn’t absolutely necessary. And also, he will always turn in the opposite direction just at the ideal time.

Almost all champions can be played with a utility script, but Xerath and Ezreal are the ones people usually go for. Typically, these champions have tons of damage if their abilities are aimed right – which is precisely what the script does.

It is very tough to win against someone who can never make a mistake. People typically get very tilted when playing against a utility scripter because all of their actions ultimately end up useless. And while there is no correct way to win against them, a good tactic is to get as near as the scripter’s champion (even on top of them) and try to kill them. Because that way, you maximize your chances to hit your skill shots while giving little to none possible algorithms for the script to find a way and dodge them.

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2) Champion Scripts

The champion scripts are tied with specific champions in the game that have unique but powerful mechanics. For example, the Draven catching his axes, the Kalista jumping around, and the Cassiopeia hitting ulti at the right time. So the champion script will make sure that Draven catches every single ax during the game, that Kalista dodges everything, and that Cassiopeia never loses a duel.

Contrary to the utility scripts, the champion scripts usually work for one champion specifically. But suppose we have a Vayne that uses this sort of hack, and you’re playing against her. You’ll never be able to attack her without getting stunned first. Not only will Vayne be at the ideal spot 100% of the time, but the champion script will also activate her E – Condemn almost instantly.

And the same goes for Twitch, Kog’Maw, or any other champion using this cheat. For example, Lee Sin will always get you with an inSec, regardless of how you try to avoid that. 

3) Awareness Scripts

And an awareness script is usually a maphack, wallhack, and everything else in one. It usually displays right on the enemy’s health bar the cooldown of their Summoner’s Spells, as well as which abilities they have ready. The awareness scripts can also show the accurate ranges of each spell in the game, so you can accordingly move out of the way.

But perhaps the most powerful feature of the awareness scripts are the red lines that connect the user’s champion to the 5 enemy champions. So whenever the opponent gets near, the person’s using the script will have a red line between his champion and the opponent’s, regardless if he is in the Fog of War, brush, or anything else. This way, the cheater can always run away to safety before even the ganker gets near.

Such a massive advantage in League of Legends is very unfair. And what is worse, unless the player makes it really obvious, it’s challenging to realize that they’re scripting

Are There Other Cheats in LoL?

Scripting has always been a huge problem in League of Legends. We can't understand why would someone use scripts in the game, since that just ruins the game experience for everyone. In this article we've covered everything there is about scripting in League of Legends

Yes! There are actually tons of unique cheats that tackle only one or two problems, but they can be very easily spotted. For example, some cheats refresh the cooldowns of Summoner’s Spells or an active item, so the person using them can flash ten times in a row. And even though these are “simpler” cheats, they can be OP and very hard to win against.

Other cheats have features like “Instant Zhonya’s,” which means that if you purchase Zhonya’s Hourglass in-game, the cheat will automatically activate it when you’re in trouble. Or “Auto Bot,” which means that a bot will take over your screen and play while you’re AFK.

Then, some cheats work outside of the game. For example, there are loads of hacks like “Auto Accept Games,” then “Blind Pick Instalock,” “Username Changer,” and many others. Note that even these, which aren’t tied with the gameplay performance, are still bannable, and you can get in a lot of trouble for using them.

How to Tell if Someone is Scripting?

Since scripts are quite popular these days, it’s highly possible that you’ve come across a scripter in one of your ranked games, and if I have to guess, you probably lost and got upset because he dodged every single skillshot… am I right? Well, there are a couple of ways to figure out whether your opponent is using scripts, and the first one is their movement. Are they doing weird or robotic-like moves? If they are, it’s highly possible that they’re using a scripting software.

The second one is if they’re able to land every single skillshot. Most scripters like to play with Xerath because he can easily carry ranked games because he can deal massive amounts of damage from a safe distance, and Xerath is the best champion for something like that. It’s pretty rare that a real person can land every single ability with Xerath because they’re very hard to land, but a script can do that without a problem.

Final Word

Cheating is never an option in League of Legends. Riot Games put a particular emphasis on hacking and scripting, so unless you want to purposefully get punished, then we advise you to stay away from these programs. Sure, they might seem tempting to try them out, and you might get away for a while, but your account will ultimately end up banned for a lifetime.

Scripts are unfair means to climb up the ranked ladder in LoL without putting in the needed work. And as such, they’re looked down upon by nearly everyone who takes LoL seriously. It is much better to be a noob and to want to learn the game rather than pretend to be a pro and destroy the game for everybody. We trust you to do the right thing! GLHF!

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