What is Self Mitigated Damage in League of Legends?

What is Self Mitigated Damage in League of Legends?

If you have been going through your post-game stats, you must be seeing this “Self Mitigated damage” section in the page and must be wondering what it is, this article will tell you exactly what Self Mitigated damage is in League of Legends

What is Self Mitigated Damage?

In simple terms, the amount of damage reduced or blocked on yourself through abilities or shields is self mitigated damage. Any damage reduction whether it is from your resistances ( Magic Resist or Armor) or from your abilities ( Lux’s Prismatic Barrier (W)) or from items (Bloodthirster shield, Knight’s vow) all count towards your self mitigated damage.

Self mitigated damage must not necessarily be from your own shields and abilities, it can also be from your Allies shields and abilities or their items too. Basically, any damage reduction on yourself is the damage you have mitigated. Your support Janna shielding you will also count as Self Mitigated damage or your Yasuo Passive shield will also count as such.

This stat actually shows you how much you have reduced damage and will help you understand to what extent are you using your abilities and items. For example, a Nautilus should have about 150k damage Self mitigated because of his Titan’s Wrath (W) shield in an average game, if you find that you are only having about 60k Self Mitigated damage that means you are not using your W to its full potential and have lots of room for improvement.

What is Self Mitigated Damage in League of Legends?

After looking at the image above you must be thinking that okay it makes sense for Nautilus to Self Mitigate 175k damage but how did Xerath end up mitigating 17k damage? He does not have any shields or damage reduction abilities so how did he end up mitigating so much damage? Well, it is because the Karma’s shield on Xerath also counts as Self mitigated damage.

All Shielding from external sources also counts as Self Mitigated damage as the damage reduction is happening on you. Apart from that, it could have been that Xerath also had a fully upgraded Archangel’s staff which provides a shield as an active which could have also helped in the Self Mitigated Damage.

That example should have helped cleared your doubt on “What is Self Mitigated Damage” and now you must be wondering on what all items and abilities help in Mitigating damage.

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All Sources for Self Mitigated Damage in League of Legends

  • Own shielding spells such as Nautilus’ Titan Wrath (W), Yasuo’s Way of the Wanderer Passive, Azir’s Shifting sands (E).
  • Ally shielding spells such as Karma’s Inspire (E), Lux’s Prismatic Barrier (W), Lee Sin’s Safeguard (W).
  • Sterak’s Gage’s Shield Passive.
  • Knight Vow’s damage reduction Passive.
  • Bloodthirster’s shield Passive.
  • Seraph’s Embrace shield active.
  • All Armor Items.
  • All Magic Resist Items.
  • Locket of the Iron Solari
  • Phantom Dancer
  • Maw of Malmoritus
  • Barrier Summoner Spell
  • Overheal Rune
  • Guardian Rune
  • Summon Aery Rune
  • Mountain Dragon Soul

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Self Mitigated Damage Calculator

Self Mitigated Damage Calculator

League of Legends Self Mitigated Calculation is very simple. Check the amount of damage your shield blocks and count the number of times you use that shield on yourself. This will give you a rough estimate of how much damage you have mitigated.

Apart from this, doing Self Mitigated damage calculation is very difficult as you will need to keep a track of how many times your ally has used their shields on you or how much damage your Resistances (Armor and Magic Resist) have reduced damage for you and how much damage certain abilities and items have reduced for you.

To keep it simple, just play the game and check your Self Mitigated damage in the Post-Game stats section.

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TFT Self Mitigated Damage

TFT Self Mitigated Damage

The same conditions that are in League of Legends Self Mitigated Damage apply for Teamfight Tactics Self Mitigated Damage. Shields from classes or Origin Synergies, Ally abilities, Self Shields and Items all count towards Self Mitigated Damage.

All possible things that apply for League of Legends Self Mitigated damage also apply for TFT Self Mitigated damage with the addition of boosts received from the synergies of Origins and Classes.

All Sources for Self Mitigated Damage in TFT

All Sources for Self Mitigated Damage in TFT
  • Trap Claw item which gives a spell shield.
  • Locket of the Iron Solari
  • Shen’s Ability which blocks all damage in an area.
  • Protector trait which gives a shield to all Protectors.
  • Vanguard trait that gives bonus Armor to all Vanguard
  • Rebel Trait which gives a shield to all Rebel
  • Fiora’s Ability which reduces incoming damage.
  • Karma’s Ability which gives a shield to a nearby ally.
  • Malphite’s Ability which gives him a shield.
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Hope this Article cleared your questions on Self Mitigated Damage and now you have a better understanding of the game!

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